Summary: After the movie "Noah" with Russel Crowe, I felt that people needed to rediscover who the bible reveals Noah to be. The differences are stunning.

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The “REAL” Noah

Anybody here watch the recent movie “Noah” with Russel Crowe? I went last week. It was pretty good as a movies go, but as I watched it, I thought it would bring up a lot of questions for people who didn’t really know what the bible says about Noah. He’s not a legendary character made up for children’s coloring books. He was a real person and there really was a worldwide flood. Jesus Christ Himself accepted the story of the flood and talked about it in Matthew 24:37-39 and Luke 17:26. I’ve got a book I picked up where a guy named John Woodmorappe (who has degrees in biology and geology) did a feasibility study on Noah’s ark and answered a lot of questions people are asking and other’s that they’re not. Such as…floor space, manpower, food preservation, feeding, living conditions. Let me just deal with a few of the questions brought out by the movie…

Question #1…

1. Would there be enough room on the Ark to carry all the animals? Yes. The movie made it look like every animal on earth went into the ark. But the Ark couldn’t hold millions of animals, so a lot of people don’t believe it could happen. But the bible doesn’t say EVERY animal on earth went on the Ark. God told Noah to take 7 of every KIND “clean” animal and 2 of every KIND of other creature, male and female. (7:3) A “Kind”, is closer to a species. So, for example…not every type of dog would go on the Ark, but two dogs are all that are needed and then from them all the other different variations would develop. So instead of millions, only about 72,000 animals (the avg. size of a small rat went on ark. Dinosaurs?). Since the Arks capacity was equal to 522 railroad cars, they would only take up about 60% of the available deck space. The rest of the space could be used as living quarters and storage of food.

Woodmorappe figured a years supply of food would make up about 2500 tons. They’d need approx. 4 million liters of water (9.4% of total Arks volume). So, yes the Ark was plenty big to do the job.

Reminds me of the Sunday school teacher who asked kids 'Do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark? Little Johnnie raised his hand and said,''No,' Teacher: Why not? He said, 'How could he? He only had two worms!'

Question #2…

2. Could you build an ark without the help of Rock People?

Yes! According to the movie, fallen angels came down to the earth and were cursed to become “giant stone gumbies”. It’s true that the bible mentions the “Nephilum” (Gen.6:4) and theologians speculate that they were fallen angels and giants…but it’s not true that God turned them into stone & that they helped Noah build the Ark. When they showed up in the movie, they looked like a cross between the “Ents” from The Lord of the Rings & Transformers…and I think it made the movie feel more like a mythical “fairy tale” than a true story.

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