Summary: Many see Homosexuality as they do all other sins; "NO BIG DEAL", but nothing could be farther from the truth according to the Bible. The Scripture shows us that when a person or a nation reach the point that they have embraced homosexuality as a normal li





The following is a short Message I have written about one of the most con­troversial issues of our day, Homosexuality. That this could even be a divisive issue in our land tells how far we have fallen morally and spiritually as a nation!

Many no longer see homosexuality as a SIN, (even in the APOSTATE CHURCH) and many who still do see it as a sin, see it as they do other sins, as no big deal.

With many people taking these views of homosexuality they see no reason to oppose its proponents, as a matter of fact they see such opposition as intoler­ance, bigotry and out right hate. It is no longer in America a virtue to hate every evil way and to love and embrace decency and our old Biblical values. Someone has said the following about America and Sin: “In America today it has become worse to JUDGE EVIL than to DO EVIL.” And to that I must add an AMEN!!!

Satan must be rejoicing at the deception he has pulled over on us and at the soon coming destruction it will bring upon us.

In this short message I try to go behind the scenes to see the real goal be­hind the push to accept the homosexual lifestyle and why it is not just another sin to be tolerated and embraced, but one which we must continue to oppose through Activism, Prayer and the Preaching of the Gospel, until the Lord gives our land a Revival, a great harvest of souls that will deliver the homosexual from this evil, change people’s attitude towards this sin and cleanse our land of this scourge. That must be OUR GOAL, and nothing less is acceptable.

The battle over the acceptance of Homosexuality is one of those battles that are a GAME CHANGER. Satan knows that if he can get a Nation to accept Homo­sexuality as Normal and OK, then he knows that nothing else will be considered by such people as Wrong or Sin. The rejection of the Lord and His Word will then be complete and the probability that the Lord will “Give Them up” is almost a certainty, and the ground work will then be laid for the acceptance of his man, the Anti-Christ [Daniel 11:37].

There is no sin like homosexuality, it is not like other sins, it is the Lowest of all SINS. Ask yourself; what lower depth is there to sink to, for a man or women who has already sunk to the level of being an devout homosexual? There is none, that is why Satan is fighting so hard for its acceptance. He knows if Homosexuality is no longer considered sin then nothing else will be called sin by a society as well, with the exception of CALLING SIN, SIN. That is where America is close to being. About the only thing that is sin in America any longer is to be Intolerant of Sin and to Call Sin By Name!! Let me give five proofs from the Word of God that confirms Homosexuality is the Greatest of all sins, you cannot fall any lower than this, and for a people to EMBRACE the evil of Homosexuality means that these same people must also be willing to be REJECTED by the Lord. Jesus is LIGHT and if we are to walk with Him we must reject DARKNESS or be REJECTED by Him. [AMOS 3:3] [1 John 1:5-7]


Many people (even Pastors and Christians) foolishly say that homosexuality is just a Sin like any other Sin. Nothing could be farther from the TRUTH. There are differing degrees of Sin in the Lord’s eyes [John 19:11;"...the GREATER Sin..."] It is evident from [Romans 1:21], the verses that follow are a description of what these Christ rejecters "...became..." over a period of time. Homosexuals is what they became, what they had devolved into after years of willfully rejecting God’s continual revelation of Himself to them.[Romans 1:21]

The people that Romans One are talking about are the pagan nations that were living in the Promise Land before Israel went in to possess it. [Genesis 15:16] tells us that the Lord was continually revealing Himself to these people during the 4 generations (400 years in round figures) that Israel was in Egypt. [Exodus 12:40, 41] show us that it was 430 years to the day as he exact amount of time of Israel’s stay in Egypt. From the arrival of Jacob arrival in Egypt [Genesis 46:6] until their Exodus was 430 years to the day. During this whole time frame the Lord was continually revealing Himself to these people in order to get them to turn to Him for salvation.

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