Summary: The shout that comes before the worship is out of place. We need to learn that worship is more than one hour on Sunday.

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The Psalmist David gives us a great illustration of what true worship really is.

Read Psalms 111:1-2

Worship – English word that means: to ascribe the highest worth to.

When we worship we are saying, “God, you’re number one in my life. You come before anything else.”

Worship is not just a one-hour thing we do on Sunday, it’s a way of life.

Our worship on Sunday is nothing more than a reflection of the worship we do during our work seek.

Before we can learn from David on the me ans of worship, let’s talk about why we have to have messages on this subject.

This should be something that is automatic for the child of God. But yet, we have books upon books trying to teach us how to properly worship our God.

One reason why it is so hard for folks to worship:

It’s not a top priority in their life.

While priority maybe one reason for lack of worship, another could be that you just simply don’t know how to worship.

That is the focus of today’s message.

If there were ever a man in the Bible that could school us on worshipping God, it would be David.

Read Psalms 111:1-2

The Psalmist opens up this song with “Praise the Lord”

The Hebrew word for praise is: “Hallal”

The Hebrew word for the Lord: “Yahweh” or Yah for short

Put those together and you have Hallelujah or Praise the Lord.

David shows us that to truly worship we must know who to direct all this praise and that is to our Lord God.

Now that we know and understand who deserves our praise, let’s learn three key components that make up this thing we call “Worship”.

1. How are we to Worship –

David gives us the perfect illustration in verse 2.

“I will give thanks to the Lord with all of my heart…”

David brought nothing less than his whole heart.

Coming with your whole heart represents the whole being. David is worshiping God with every part of his being.

Many will stand and say that unless you are:

· Shedding tears – you’re not worshipping

· Raise your hands – you’re not worshipping

· Shout with joy – you’re not worshipping

We are told to worship with our heart!

You have to understand: All of those things that I mentioned are effects of worship not the basis of worship.

· I will raise my hand not to worship but because of my worship.

· I will shout for joy not to worship but because it’s a reaction to my worship

· I will shed tears not to worship but because they come running out with my assistance.

But just because I do that does not mean that I am worshipping God.

We can shed a tear over a lost puppy

We can shout for joy when our team wins

(Illus. Alabama/Auburn party)

That is not the basis of worship to our Heavenly Father but they can be the effects of worship.

Illus.-Person shedding a tear during service

I will worship the Lord with all my heart with everything that is inside of me.

If that causes me to shout – so be it!

If that causes me to cry – so be it!

Just as long as the worship comes before the reaction!

How will I worship? With my whole heart!

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