Summary: With the idealistic mother, everything is perfect. But they only exists in storybooks, poety, movies, etc. Most mothers live with the reality of problems, mistakes, broken hearts, and broken dreams. The realistic mother needs forgiveness, grace and me


SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 31: 10 – 31


As I begin, I will say this, there is no way to cover this topic appropriately in one message. What I say will not fit every mother. Each person will identify some portions of the message, but certainly not all of the message. This day can be one of the happiest. Also, it can bring a lot of pain. There are those who are childless and must endure another Mother’s Day celebration with all the mothers receiving flowers and other gifts. Then, there are those who have lost their mother. Today, the sadness of that loss returns. They hold back the tears, if they can, throughout the service. And, not all mothers have measured up to the well known, often preached, Proverbs 31. There are those who have and I thank God for them and that they have been able to accomplish such a mighty task. Lastly, there are many broken relationships between mothers and children as well as mothers and fathers.


A. You’ll get a variety of answers to that question!

"The ideal woman was described 2,500 years ago in Proverbs 31--and she is still

intimidating her sisters ever since." Liz Higgs

Some say the ideal woman is a woman who will obey your every whim, wait on you hand and foot, and literally worship the ground you walk on (I think the word for this is Male Chauvinism). Others say the ideal woman can do the work of two men, and if women were prime ministers and presidents, wars would end, unemployment would be eliminated, and world hunger would be a thing of the past. The truth lies somewhere between these two extremes. Ricky Burke

B. Proverbs 31 describes the ideal wife and mother:

1. (v. 11-12) Her husband can completely trust in her.

She will in no way embarrass him.

2. (v. 13 – 15) She is not afraid of work. She works hard and long.

She feeds and clothes and her family well.

3. (v. 16) She keeps her eye open for good deals. She is diligent in business.

4. (v. 26 – 27) She watches her speech and her behavior.

I believe that all women should strive to achieve the idealistic description given in Proverbs 31. But, most of us live in a realistic world. I am not saying it is not possible, but to fulfill the entire list constantly throughout life is not an easy task. I want to use these scriptures as a springboard to talk about the idealistic versus the realistic.


A. Idealistic

1. Everything is perfect. Nothing goes wrong.

2. Everyone gets what he or she wished for.

3. Everything ends with “And they all lived happily ever after.”

B. Realistic

1. We deal with problems throughout life.

2. Broken dreams are often the norm.

3. Some things are never fixed.

C. Idealistic vs. Realistic

1. Bodies

a. The idealistic mother will have a perfect body even after having

four or five kids.

b. The realistic mother knows she will never see size 8 or 10

again except maybe in shoe size.

2. Raising Children

a. The idealistic mother will expect to attend her son’s

graduation as he graduates with honors.

b. The realistic mother may have to visit her son in jail or

prison, or may be even visit his grave site. Or she may

even be a childless wife who lives with the pain like

Hannah of wanting children, but having none.

3. Homes

a. The idealistic mother lives in a castle-type home setting on a hill.

b. The realistic mother may live in an apartment down town, or

in a run down neighborhood.

4. Job/Career

a. The idealistic mother has a Master’s degree and has her own

office in the business district.

b. The realistic mother may have barely finished high school or dropped

out and is working on a GED. She takes whatever job she can find.

Idealistic families only exist in fairy tales, poems, or movies. Most of us live in reality.


Sitting in our pews today and pews across America are realistic moms living in the real world. We give cards, flowers, and various gifts this weekend to mothers, but what do most mothers really need?

A. Forgiveness

1. Forgiveness for all of the times she wasn’t able to meet the idealistic expectations.

Forgiveness will relieve the guilt even if it unrealistic.

2. Forgiveness for all the mistakes she has made in her life.

3. Forgiveness for the sins she has committed against God.

All have sinned, even mothers.

B. Grace

1. To understand that no one is perfect in a real world.

2. To accept that what ever she has done, it’s done. She can’t go back.

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