Summary: The sermon is intended to remind all of us that despite our mistakes and errors Christ redeemed us from our sin and gives us a new beginning. This is most evident in the birth of the Christ.

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It is a special time of the year, a time when we focus on the gift of God in the person of Jesus Christ. For many while this season is intended to bring joy and renew hope in humanity this season can be difficult for many. It can be difficult to get into the season, to get the Christmas spirit. The reason that it is difficult for many to claim the Christmas Spirit is because of some of the personal struggles that one is facing. People do a myriad of things trying to capture the joy that this season is supposed to bring. They put up decorations, wrap gifts, drink egg nog, watch old movies, all with the hope that something will trigger the spirit of the season. We can at least give credit to those that are trying to spark the emotions of the seasons, in that there are so many that has just given up and allowed a pessimistic spirit to take control and have authority over their circumstance. I don’t want to suggest to you that just because it is the Christmas season that all of your problems just disappear and fade away but the season ought to renew hope, renew the belief that things can get better. I know that some if not many of you have made your way to this Holy Mount with problems that won’t just go away, that will not take a vacation because it is the Christmas season, and I want to affirm that truth but it is in the hope that comes with the birth of Christ that all of situations can be redeemed. Doesn’t matter what the situation, doesn’t matter what the root cause, nothing is beyond the grace of God, and nothing is beyond the redemptive power of Christ. Situations that are of your own doing and situations that you may not have had nay control of are all within the redemptive power of Christ. It is that redeeming work of Christ which can give joy in this season. For all of us that stand in the need of a second chance there is good news in this season. For all of us that have messed up, there is good news in this season. For all of us that have made mistakes, there is good news in this season. I know you have been bombarded with it and maybe the last place you expected to get an earful was at church but there is something for us to learn from the Tiger Woods situation. A few weeks ago Tiger from the outside looking in the world was his oyster and he was just picking pearls. That was a few weeks ago, with what to us started out as a minor automobile his world has come crashing down around him. In a period of two weeks the perception that most of us had of him has changed dramatically and while most of the media hype is based on speculation and rumor mill it doesn’t change the fact that world perception has changed. Now I know that many is wandering what affect will this period in Tiger’s life cost him, will it cost him his marriage and family, will it cost him endorsements that has made him one of the highest paid athletes in the world, will it cost him a chance at the record books which he seemed to be on track to crush. While only time will reveal the answers to those and many other questions that loom for he and his family it is no doubt that restoration is available, that redemption can be his. The redemption needed does not come from the media, the endorsers or the world it comes from Christ who through his coming redeems all who would choose relationship with God through Christ. Maybe your situation is not Tiger’s but you too can find joy in this season that comes as a result of the redemptive work of Christ. I believe that is the promise and joy that comes with this season, and that is shared with us in our text. It is

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