Summary: A reminder that when we try just a little harder proving our obedience and when we recognize our inability and His complete ability, then we will find the blessings from being involved in His work!

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Two Texans were trying to impress each other with the size of their ranches. One asked the other, “What’s the name of your ranch?” He replied, “The Rocking R, ABC, Flying W Circle C, Bar U, Staple Four, Box D, Rolling M, Rainbow’s End, Silver Spur Ranch.” The questioner was much impressed and exclaimed, “Whew! That’s sure some name! How many head of cattle do you run?” The rancher answered, “Not many. Very few survive the branding.”


You and I have received

- no lesser a calling or branding as disciples of Jesus.

- no lesser a “branding” as followers of Jesus Christ – for the Rest of Our Life!

KEY QUOTE: Chris Surber says it this way!

“The calling to follow Jesus is an all consuming, all encompassing, call which rightly consumes the rest of our lives!”

The Disciples were All Ordinary People! –

One was even A Tax Collector - despised by his countrymen

Several were Fishermen - did not possess a particularly high level of education

One was a Political Zealot – like one of our politicians

All the disciples were just Common Ordinary Folk – like you and I!

Each of us, if truly a branded disciple, have received a CALLING on our life – a Calling of The Master!

It was said, “The great purpose of the Christian life is rooted in the blessed hope that we have received. This is the very same blessed hope of the disciples after they witnessed the resurrection of Jesus and they were transformed from a band of ordinary people into a band of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission and power – a Witness for Jesus.”


TEXT: LUKE 5:1-11


Luke 4.14-15

The crowds were very enthused by His message;

“Lake of “Gen-nes-a-ret” = Sea of Galilee


- Large bell shaped nets – very heavy

- Several Heavy weights - to make the nets sink

- Large heavy rope to pull net together

- As the net would fall, it would trap the fish


Notice Simon’s response – “Master (Teacher), we’ve been working all night…”

Obviously he was very skeptical about catching “a good catch” as Jesus was implying.

Can you blame Simon and his friends? They were tired. They had been working all night and even well into the day to get ready for the next days work – JUST AS WE DO EVERY DAY!

We know the feeling – there are days we just don’t feel like lifting another step because of what we’ve done and what we’ve got to do!


from Peter’s response to the Lord’s instruction (READ AGAIN VERSE 5b)

- It is not past experience, our own knowledge OR wisdom which produces results in the Christian life;

- Often, it is little more than a WILLINGNESS TO TRY - PLUS – OBEDIENCE to the Lord!

How many great works of God have gone undone because of the lack of willingness to trust God and just try a little?

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