Summary: Benefits of worship

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The Results of Worship Isaiah 1:11-20


All of Gods children know that they should worship Him. The scriptures declare, “Psa. 45:11. Psa. 95:6 We

who have been saved know from Heb. 10:25 that we ought not to forsake "the assembling of ourselves

together." I fear that though all of us know we ought to worship, some of us might even know what the result

of that worship should be. The worship of God has been changed . 1) Some want it to be an experience

where the music and preaching put people up into an emotional dither. 2) Some want the worship service

to be one of entertainment.. 3) others have even changed the name from worship to a "celebration." They

do not have the same meaning. 4) Church signs say "non-traditional services.

If you think you can go to the House of God, go through a few motions of worship, sing some songs,

hear a speech from the Bible, then leave and forget it all, you’ve missed what worship is. The main

focus is upon the RESULTS WORSHIP should have on us, for worship without results is mockery

Referring to the Old Testament, 1 Corinthians 10:11, Isa. 1:11-20, Here is what we see: 1. God

was not pleased. "I am weary to bear them," to describe His view of their worship. 2. Further, God

says...I will not hear you. We are in serious trouble if God refuses to hear us. How much of our

worship does God accept? This is a personal question. In the service if God is worshiped, then

personal worship must have occurred. 3. God never condemns without offering redemption from the

offense. God does say to get the sin our of their lives. 4. God offers forgiveness and complete

victory over sins. Before the service this morning was there any preparation of your heart and soul

to worship? Was there a time of self examination to see if there was any unconfessed sin in your

life? Did you prepare yourself to come before the King? 5. With the offer of forgiveness and

reconciliation, there is always a warning. 6. We learn that the result of worship should produce

godly living. Let me say it this way...the act or ritual of worship is vain (worthless) if it does not come

from a heart yielded to God. The act of worship is to show the condition of the heart. Ritual,

ceremony, and acts of worship are an outrage to God if the person is not living for the Lord. !


which constitute worship of God: singing, praying, preaching, giving, and the Lords Supper. In

SINGING it is sad and sinful that this morning that here in America churches are putting on "musical

shows" taking the music of the world and offering it as worship unto the Lord! PRAYER humbles

us, and helps us to discern the will of the Lord for our lives. Why waste time praying if we do not

want to know and to follow God’s will? GIVING conquers selfishness and self-love. It makes us

masters over our money, instead of our money being master over us. It sets the proper relationship

to God one of thanksgiving and dependency on Him. Bringing our tithes and offering and presenting

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