Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon looks at the resurrection and the implications for believers and non believers in his presence.



It was the first day of the week the resurrection morning, the disciples were locked away in a house in Jerusalem in fear of the fellow countrymen the JEWS. For the disciples it is the fight or flight principle as Jesus has been taken and been crucified, they had taken the flight principle when in trouble run! Jesus had been arrested and crucified and had been placed in a tomb and if they weren’t careful they would be next. They had scattered.....

Their only hope, now was that things would begin to settle down –now they’ve killed their leader the authorities will just leave us all alone, lets lay low , fear has gripped them – could it be them next?

But throughout that first day of the week from morning till evening rumours had began to break into their confined space where the disciples were self imposed prisoners something unusually was taking place: That Sunday morning the women had gone to anoint the body of Jesus with oils to pay their respects to the deceased John 20:1 but on their arrival they were in for a shock.... In awe they return to the disciples.... let’s remember these women were close to Jesus and the disciples they were disciples of Jesus themselves and they returned to the men with amazing news... “the tomb stone had been rolled away and they believed that the body had been stolen but at some point two angels had appeared to them proclaiming that Jesus had risen!

John 20:1. Luke 24: 9 – 11 But the disciples did not believe as it seemed to them like nonsense to them. Yet Peter and John decide to break out of their confide, slipping out the back door and run as fast as their legs will carry them to the tomb, on arrival they find the tomb just as the women had said, Peter comes away wondering what’s going on? Luke 24:12 and John believes but doesn’t fully understand the scriptures John 20:8 as both witness the tomb stone rolled away the grave cloths folded and the body missing, you can imagine them asking themselves “ Is Jesus actually alive?” They both return to their self imposed prison conveying what they had seen . John 20:10-11.

Meanwhile Mary who had been left behind in tears believed she saw a gardener it turned out to be her TEACHER Jesus, with her heart pounding she returns to the disciples with an amazing testimony that he who she thought was a gardener was the risen Lord Jesus she exclaims! John 20:18 I have seen the Lord!

Prior to her return two other disciples not of the eleven one called Cleopas decide to go to Emmaus disappointed that Jesus had been crucified with all their hopes shattered, yet as the two walked along the road to Emmaus a strange travelling companion comes alongside them Luke 24:22 - 24 : and asks them why they are downcast? So they recount the story of the death and so called sightings of his resurrection yet it all seemed like utter nonsense to them Luke 24:1.1 Then this man opens up the teaching of the prophets say all this had to take place: On arrival they invite the stranger to share a meal together as they do so in Emmaus the eyes were opened to their mystery guest as he broke bread with them, it was JESUS!

That evening they too hurry back to Jerusalem and confirm the presence of the risen Lord was with them to the eleven disciples. And at some point in the mayhem the gospels confirm that the Lord appeared to Peter also in Jerusalem Luke 24:34. Then Cleopas and the other disciple return to the other disciples in Jerusalem saying its true Jesus is Alive! As they are sharing their account of meeting Jesus with the others, Jesus appeared to them all. Luke 24:36.

1. The resurrected Lord replaces absence with his presence. V19 -20

The disciples had spent 3 intimate years with Jesus he had been their teacher and Lord he held out hope to all of the disciples that he was the promised Messiah and yet as far as they were concerned it has all gone pear shaped. He had been captured as a result they scattered in fear for their lives as Jesus had prophesised and had gone into hiding. Jesus was no longer present V19 Fear for the Jews

Jesus presence with them:

He had protected them in the storm.

He had provided when they were hungry.

He had empowered them to minister to others.

He had taught them and they had grown in stature and wisdom, but now Jesus was absent and they were gripped with fear.

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