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Summary: Looks at 9 reasons why Jesus died on the cross and arose from the dead

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Easter Message March 23, 2008

The Resurrection of Jesus ‘what difference can it make?’Luke 24:1-12 (Acknowledgement - this message was adapted from Rick Warrens 2004 Easter Message delivered to Saddleback Church, California)

o Happy Easter. Four years ago Time Magazine had a picture of Jesus and asked the question ‘Why did Jesus have to die?’ That is the most important question someone will ever ask.

o I went to church for the first sixteen years of my life

o I really had no idea why Jesus died on the cross. Well I knew that he suffered, but I had no idea how to personalize this. What did it mean to me?

o This morning I am going to give you Christianity 101. If you are already a Christian don’t snooze on me. Listen carefully; this message should move you to pray fervently for those who have yet to say yes to Jesus.

o If you have never been to church before I want to make you a guarantee. You will clearly understand why Jesus died on the cross and arose again.

o You will clearly understand that the resurrection sets you free. You will understand why a billion plus people believe Jesus is the hope of the world.

o You will clearly understand why millions of people have given their lives for Jesus Christ.

o I believe there are many people will one day be devastated that nobody clearly told them.

o I don’t want you to come to this church for years and never know the reason why Jesus died and arose from the dead.

o This morning I am going to make nine statements about the cross and resurrection that are 100% true. When I came to believe these profound truths they changed my life forever.

o Here we go!

1. Jesus died and arose to prove He was the Son of God

o The Bible says that Jesus appeared to many people for over a 40 day period (Acts 1:3).

o Who did he appear to? Who were these people?

o He appeared to Mary Magdalene, the 12 disciples, the men on the Road to Emmaus, over 500 people at once, and to the Apostle Paul

o He was alive, back walking around Jerusalem

o All of these people saw the risen Christ

o Was it a figment of their imagination?

o No it wasn’t.

o He first appeared to Mary Magdalene

o That makes it credible right there

o If you wanted to make the resurrection credible, a more plausible story would have been to appear to a man first

o Why is that?

o First in Jesus day women were unlearned. Out of the 613 laws a man had to know 100% of them; a woman only 4 laws

o Secondly this woman Mary Magdalene was way different-7 demons cast out (Luke 8:2)

o Thirdly a woman’s testimony was inadmissible in a court of law

o So when Mary ran to tell the disciples that she had seen Jesus alive they said we don’t believe you; your testimony is not valid

o So we see the disciples knew Jesus as a great teacher and miracle worker but did not believe Mary that Jesus was alive

o That was where many are at today

o That Jesus was a great teacher, moral man, political leader

o But there is one huge problem with that

o Jesus never claimed to be a great teacher, a political leader

o Jesus claimed to be God

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