Summary: In Revelation 1:1-8, we discover His REVELATION, His REIGN and His RETURN.

The Book of Revelation is not so much a book on future events but about Jesus Christ. In this first chapter, we see the glorified Christ who is soon to return. Verses 1-3 are the introduction of the final disclosure of God’s Son who is revealed to all of us. We discover in verses 4-6 that God is reemphasizing His plan of salvation for all people in Christ through the church before Jesus returns. Verses 7-8 assures us that no matter how bad the world gets, Jesus will return!

The Revelation of Christ 1:1-3

Let’s examine verses 1-2. This revelation came from God Himself. It was given to Jesus who gave it to an angel who then delivered it to John in a vision who then has given it to us. This is in sharp contrast in what Jesus said in Mark 13:32. Also note John 15:15; 17:8 where Jesus considers us more than just servants.

Note also in verse 3 that this book is open and understood only by believers. There are three blessings for those who heed this prophecy. The blessings are for those who read it, hear it, and obey it.

The Reign of Christ 1:4-6

As John writes to the 7 churches, notice the blessings given to us from Jesus. The two words are profound. They are grace and peace. Grace always precedes grace. The seven Spirits is a picture of the completeness and fullness of the Holy Spirit. To understand how much God loves you, look at verses 5-6. Jesus earned the right to dictate the direction of our lives! He has paid it all!

The Return of Christ 1:7-8

Jesus WILL return! God has given us a promise and He always keeps His promises. Not only will He return but every individual will recognize Him. In verse 8 we see the sovereignty and authority of Jesus. He is the Alpha and Omega and everything in between.

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