Summary: The Book of Ephesians gives great Truth concernin the Doctrine of Christ; This message shows us how precious our salvation is.

The Revelation, Resurrection, and the Exaltation of Christ. Ephesians 1:15-23

Introduction: Paul gave us much insight about the teachings of Christ. We need to study the Doctrine of Christ as we become more familiar with Him. Oh, just to know Him!

I. The Truth of the Revelation of Christ. (vs. 15-19)

A. Paul had an interest in them. (vs. 15-16)

1. He prayed for them. (vs. 15-16)

2. He petitioned for them. (vs. 16, cf 17-19)

B. Paul was an intercessor for them. (vs. 17-19)

1. He prayed that God*s purpose might be revealed to them. (vs. 17.18)

2. He prayed that God*s power might be recognized by them. (vs. 19)

II. The Triumph of the Resurrection of Christ. (vs. 20-21)

A. The resurrection manifested God*s power through Christ. (vs. 20)

1. His power was wrought in Christ. (vs. 20a)

2. His power was a wonder of creation. (vs.20a)

B. The resurrection manifested God*s positioning of Christ. (vs. 20b-21)

1. Raised to a position of prominence. (vs. 20b)

2. Raised to a position of power. (vs. 21)

III. The Telling of the Exaltation of Christ. (vs. 22-23)

A. How He is exalted in His creation. (vs. 22)

1. He is superior over creation. (vs. 22)

2 He is the Supreme One over creation. (vs. 22)

B How He is exalted in His church. (vs. 23)

1 He is the Supreme One of His church. (vs. 23)

2 He is the Sufficient One to His church. (vs. 23)

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