Summary: What is the purpose of Easter? Is it that time of year when we go to church and then visit with family for a big Baked Ham dinner? Is it about coloring eggs, Easter bunnies and pretty hats? None of that is wrong, unless we stop there. Let's see what else Easter has to offer!

Easter is a very special time in the Greek Orthodox Church.

-----They fast and pray 40 days before Easter

-----Special service on Easter Eve

-----Greet each other with the words "Christ is risen"

-----The response is "Truly. he is risen"

-----Just before midnight, the lights are turned off and everyone lights a candle.

(To show that Jesus is the light of the world)

-----A traditional Hymn is sung emphasizing the resurrection of Christ

-----Easter dinner is never eaten without eggs died red symbolizing the Blood of Christ.

-----With the Eggs is always roasted lamb--signifying the Lamb of God who was sacrificed for the sins of the world

So you see, some people have it right

Matthew 28; 1-6 The Revelations of Easter

I. It Reveals the Love of God

-----He gave his only son (John 3;16 says it all)

II. It Reveals The Power of God (6)

III. It Reveals Our Purpose For God (7a)

IV. It Reveals Our Hope Through God (7b)

V. It Reveals The Faithfulness of God (9-10)

Those Revelations of this wonderful holiday are just as relevant today as they ever were

He will be making another appearance

This time to get His bride.

Will you be one of those?

Lord, may you be glorified!!!!!!!

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