6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Second in a series on the OT revivals in Judah. King Jehoshaphat

THE REVIVAL KINGS #2 Jehoshaphat II CHRON. 17-20



Here we have the story of a king who was very godly but lacked the ability to see far off. He was godly but not wise in the long term.

To be far-sighted means you can¡¦t see clearly up close. (need glasses to read)

To be near-sighted means you can¡¦t see clearly far off. (need glasses to drive)

To be both is like the porcupine who backed into a cactus and said, "Pardon me Honey."


As I mentioned last week in part one of this series, after the reign of King Solomon the nation of Israel was divided into two kingdoms.

Israel - the northern kingdom - ten of the twelve tribes

Judah - the southern kingdom - two of the twelve tribes ( Judah and Benjamin )

Israel had 19 kings - all bad, not a good one in the lot.

Judah had 20 kings - 8 were good and 5 of the eight were godly and were the revival kings.

These five godly revival kings were:

Asa - Jehoshaphat - Joash - Hezekiah - Josiah

They were raised up by God to bring periods of revival and reformation to the nation. As I mentioned last week, the OT books of Kings and Chronicles overlap and cover the same period of history. They are similar yet different.

Kings presents mainly an historical account of the two nations.

Chronicles presents "Gods view of history".

II Chronicles is a "Book about Revival"

Each of these Five Godly Revival Kings illustrates a different principle of Revival or Restoration.

„h Asa - Obey God¡¦s Laws

„h Jehoshaphat - Teaching the Word

„h Joash - Paying what is due (restitution)

„h Hezekiah - Cleansing the Temple

„h Josiah - Return to hearing God¡¦s Word

Jehoshaphat¡¦s Reign Was The Second Great Revival Period. II Chron. 17-20

I. The Revival of Jehoshaphat Chap. 17 (Jehoshaphat means God Judges)

1. God¡¦s Evaluation of Jehoshaphat - Vs. 1-6

a. Vs 3 - First ways of David

b. Vs 4 - Sought God not idols or Baal

c. Vs 6 - Heart sought God¡¦s ways

2. Teaching the Word - Vs. 7-9

a. Until a church - until people - go back to the Word of God the will be no revival.

b. One reason that I like expository preaching is that "it teaches".

3. The Results of Jehoshaphat¡¦s Revival - Vs. 10-19

a. Peace - Vs. 10

b. It affected others - Vs. 11

c. Brought material prosperity - Vs. 12

( in the OT material prosperity was evidence of God¡¦s blessings)

d. Protection "mighty men of valor" - Vs. 13

II. Jehoshaphat¡¦s Compromise Chapter 18

Note vs. 1 "Affinity with King Ahab of Israel"

Jehoshaphat - very godly Ahab - very ungodly

Jehoshaphat - loved God Ahab - hated God

Jehoshaphat - believed God¡¦s Word Ahab - hated God¡¦s Word

Jehoshaphat - served God Ahab - served Baal

Compromise is destructive - II Cor. 6:14


Clay can be soft and pliable.

Clay can be hardened - unusable

Clay can be cold - unpliable

Clay can be poluted - flawed

Combine mud with clay. It can still make a vessel but that vessel is weak and flawed.

Jehoshaphat made 3 Alliances with King Ahab

1. A Matrimonial Alliance

He gave his son in marriage to the daughter of King Ahab and Jezebel. Two of the most ungodly and wicked people in the Bible. It would be like President Bush giving one of his lovely daughters in marriage to Saddam Hussein¡¦s son.

2. A Market Alliance

He went into business with Ahab. (Build ships together for commerce) God intervened and sunk the ships.

3. A Military Alliance

He went to war with Ahab against Syria. It almost got him killed¡¦

Illustration - story of prophet of God Micaiah. Chapter 18 tells the story of Ahab, Jehoshaphat, and the prophet of God. Before they went into battle, Jehoshaphat said to Ahab, "Maybe we ought to ask God about it."

III. God¡¦s Grace to Jehoshaphat Chapter 19

God looks into our heart and sometimes blesses us in spite of our shortcomings.

Mercy - Not getting what you deserve.

Grace - (Goes beyond mercy) - Getting what you don¡¦t deserve.

Illustration - Not only does the governor pardon you. He takes you home to live with him.

IV. Jehoshaphat¡¦s Greatest Victory Chapter 20

1. Jehoshaphat¡¦s Problem - Vs. 1-5

2. Jehoshaphat¡¦s Prayer - Vs. 6-12

3. God¡¦s Answer - Vs. 15-17

4. Jehoshaphat¡¦s Victory - Vs. 18-23

V. Conclusion Chapter 20:31-33

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