Summary: Takes a pratical look on how we should be helping out those who are less forunate both physically and spirtually

James 2:1-11

The Rich Get Poorer and the Poor Get Richer?


Attention Grabber –

I was watching a movie the other day. One guy got arrested on a bogus charge of stealing something…And they switch places. It was funny how much they changed.

Back Ground

1. Last week we mention briefly caring for the disadvantaged this week we go in depth on that subject.

2. James is addressing the local congregation

3. As it turns out they are not much different then we are today


There are three points I would like to make today. And they all have power in hem

1. Power Ties

2. Power Pockets

3. Power Plays

I. Power Ties (1-4)

A. Explanation

1. James begins by bluntly saying favoritism is forbidden. It is wrong. He tries to appeal to the fact that we are Believers in Christ we should do what he does

2. To put it in to today’s perspective The type of person mentioned in Vs 3 would come into Our Church driving a brand new Cadillac with a expensive suit.

3. Chair example – Use fancy chairs up at front and then compare to the floor

B. Application

1. Did God ever call us to minister to only the fortunate?

2. God sees no difference in people, why should we

3. Look at Jesus ministering to the person at the well

4. It does not matter where the person is they still need the same treatment

5. What is the difference between someone who lives in Thomas Village as compared to Treesdale? According to God, NOTHING!

6. We are not allowed to judge people, That is God’s job. Our job is to minister to the person not to judge him on basis of social standing

C. Illustration – I have seen ministries give the “good Chair” to donors and the floor to “recipients”

II. Power Pockets (5-7)

A. Explanation

1. Poor did not choose to be poor. But the fact is that God made some people poor.

2. However, these poor people on Earth will not be poor in Heaven. There riches are stored in Heaven

3. What the rich would do is the would “loan” money to the poor and then charge them amazingly high interest rates, and then they would see them on the street literally grab them take them into the court of law and sue them for everything they had.

B. Application

1. First of all Our money is not our money it is God’s money

2. Why would we ever think that we are better then a poor person?

3. Money should not be our measure of success.

4. Our success should be based on spiritual standards, not finical standards

C. Illustration. A little girl giving all her savings to help the national deficit, she saw a need and helped, others with a lot more would not even think about doing that.

III. Power Play (8-11)

A. Explanation

1. Vs 8 reminds us this is not a matter of being nice, this is a matter of sin

2. Not showing love to everyone convicts you of sin

3. This might seem like a small thing that you don’t have to really worry about but the point remains, if you break it your still a lawbreaker

B. Application

1. It would be nice if we could just dismiss this as something that is good to do

2. However, this is very important. If it makes it into the Bible, Don’t you think it might just be important?

3. Your break one command, you are still a sinner.

4. Sin is Sin

C. Illustration – Imagine if you were entering Heaven and a murder, thief etc…made it and you didn’t because you didn’t treat people fairly


Be on the right side of Power

Avoid “Power Ties” Christianity – avoid concentrating on looking good

Avoid “Power Pocket” Christianity – Help your less fortunate neighbor

Don’t get a penalty and cause a “Power Play” – Stay Faithful to the law


The movie went on to the end were the two guys forgot about their social standings worked together and accomplished far more then ever expected.

God made us equal – Let’s not forget that

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