Summary: God is still doing powerful things through His right hand. Learn how to experience the marvelous and miraculous through God's right hand of power.


What is a new song? I’m sure you have come across the phrase in different passages of the Bible. Psalm 98:1-2 helps us to understand what a new song is and the circumstances that give rise to someone singing a new song. We are told in this bible passage to sing to the Lord a new song because the Lord has done marvellous things through His right hand. A new song is a song you sing when the right hand of God goes to work on your behalf. A new song comes by the demonstration of God’s power through His right hand. The message version of Psalm 98:1 describes the right hand of God as God rolling up His sleeves to set things right. I’m sure you have noticed how men roll up their sleeves when they want to fight. Rolling up one’s sleeve is a position of somebody ready to fight. When God brings out His right hand or uses His right hand, it is because He wants to fight for His children. I pray for every one of us that this year, the Lord will roll up His sleeves and fight for you, He will fight battles for you that you can’t fight with your own strength and power. I pray the right hand of God will go to work on your behalf and give you a new song in every area of your life.

In Exodus 15 after God parted the Red Sea and drowned Pharaoh and the Egyptians in the Red Sea, Moses and the Israelites sang a new song. In two of the stanzas of the song specifically in verse 6 and verse 12 of Exodus 15, they sang about the right hand of God. When the right hand of God goes to work on your behalf, you will definitely have cause to sing a new song because this is what God does with His right hand:


If you don’t understand who Pharaoh is, what he represents, what he does, you won’t appreciate the mighty deliverance God gave the Israelites that led to their singing the right hand of God is glorious in power, the right hand of God has dashed the enemy in pieces. Just as God shattered to pieces Pharoah and the Egyptians, God is still using His right hand to smash every Pharaoh in our lives. For us today, Pharaoh is not necessarily the current King or our President or someone in a position of government in our nation as Pharaoh was at that time in Egypt. Pharaoh for us today is symbolic of the devil, the forces, powers and agents of darkness who today do the exact things Pharaoh at that time did to the Israelites.

• The first thing we see about Pharaoh in Exodus 1:7-10 which applies to the devil and forces, powers and agents of darkness is that they recognise who you are in God, what you are capable of doing through God, and so devise a plan to keep you from being who you can be in God. Pharaoh acknowledged that the Israelites were mightier; more powerful that the Egyptians and that in the event of a war; a spiritual battle, they can prevail over the Egyptians and escape from their grip. In the same way, the devil recognises that every believer, every genuine child of God is very powerful because God is with that child of God, God through His Spirit dwells inside the child of God. The statement angel Gabriel used when he came to Mary to tell her that she would have a child confirms the kind of power we have. In Luke 1:35 he said the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you. The highest power; the power that is far above every other power even higher than the power of the devil will overshadow you. Meaning that there’s no question or debate about whether there are other powers, there are so many other powers. Yes, the devil has power, all those working for him have power, but the power we have is the highest power, it is higher than their own power. So believers are a people who are carrying power even though many times we don’t realise how powerful we are. Pharaoh recognised the might, the strength, the power of the Israelites, just like the devil, his forces and agents of darkness recognise that we are mightier, we are more powerful than they are and so devise a plan to keep us from being who were are in God the same way Pharaoh devised a plan to curtail the strength and might of the Israelites. But I pray that the Lord will frustrate the devices of the crafty concerning you and I so they will not be able to carry out whatever it is they have planned to keep us from being who we are meant to be in God (Job 5:12).

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