Summary: This sermon examines the right motivation for renewing your faith.

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What motivates your faith? In Romans 12:1 Paul gives the proper motivation for building a strong faith. It should be motivated by the "mercy" of God.

I.The right motivation begins with hearing God’s voice.

A. There must be a willing heart.

B. There are competing voices.

1. The voice of self.

2. The voice of money.

3. The voice of peer pressure.

4. The voice of our society.

II. The right motivation follows God’s initiative.

A. God is the initiator of faith.

B. What does this mean? Real faith is God conceived.

C. It is possible for your faith to be fake.

III. The right motivation requires that you examine your perspective of God.

A. Inadequate views of God.

1. God is a policeman.

2. God is a judge.

3. God is a white haired old man who is out of touch with reality.

4. God is a CEO.

B. God is gracious.

C. Satan wants us to doubt.

When we get our motivation right our faith will become a dynamic force in our lives. God will be a compassionate friend and builder of faith.

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