Summary: THE RIVER OF GOD This morning we want to come to the River of God. It is a river that no man can contain or control. Yet it is a river that flows from the very throne of God and brings life to all who come to live by its banks. View Sermons at www.prai

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THE RIVER OF GOD – Dedication Service

Revelation 22:1-2


God is like a river. Imagine a river that begins high up in the mountains. The water sparkles as it makes its way down to the valley below. As the river flows through the valley it is strong and mighty; the river gives life to everything.

A city is built along the river. The people living in the city are thankful for the river; it satisfies their thirst and waters their crops giving them an abundance of food. Gradually the city grew and developed. People built docks and parks along the river. Some people developed a waterwheel to harness the power of the river. Bridges were built to expand the city to both sides of the river.

In time an engineer presented a plan to build a dam. The people of the city were convinced that the dam would provide them with an even greater supply of water and from the flow of water through the dam they would have an unlimited supply of power. Nothing would be impossible for them if they controlled the river by stopping it up with a great dam; not even the changing of the seasons would effect the power produced by the dam.

And so the dam was built bringing all the promised benefits to the city. The dam not only changed life in the city, but gradually it also changed the river. Little by little the river became more like a lake and less like the mighty river that had once flowed through the valley. The water no longer had the shimmering sparkled as it had before; unseen by those living in the city sediment was filling the bottom of the lake.

Another change was happening too. The people believed they had controlled the flow of water, but each day as the waters flowed down from the mountains it refused to be contained by the dam. Gradually at first the water made its way underground and broke out as a fresh water spring further down the valley.

Then several years later on a bright spring morning it happened. As the snows melted from atop the mountains the river started to swell and suddenly the river burst through the earth and formed a new channel for the river. The people were awakened to a sound they had not heard in years: thundering rushing water.

The dam remained undamaged but the waters it had held back flowed down stream in the new river channel; all that remained was a trickle of water surrounded by mud and silt nothing like the river that had once flowed through the valley.

People in the city panicked; what had caused this disaster? Experts discussed the problem and engineers inspected the situation. While nothing could be done to stop the sudden flow of the river, they assured the people that everything would be fine; life would continue in the city despite the sudden change of their lake, that is the river which was now nothing more than a muddy stagnant pond. The city council met and decided that for everyone’s safety they must stay away from the river; its sudden flow could sweep someone away and they would be lost. Laws were past and warnings set in place to stay away from the river.

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