Summary: The journey on the Road to Glory involves four point along the way

The Road To Glory

Romans 5:18-21

* We are approaching the time for the next Olympic Games. In this setting we get to witness to most talented, gifted, and disciplined athletes in the world. They have worked, trained, sacrificed, and given their all to reach their goal. Without a doubt it is the goal of every participant is to win the gold medal. Yes, if they take the silver or bronze they will experience some personal satisfaction, but make no mistake they came to WIN!! They have spent their lives “going for the gold” and bringing “Glory” to their country and countrymen. For every Olympic athlete there are several steps or points along the way. First, they begin by a rigid training program. Next, they must try out for and MAKE the team. Then, they must FINISH the event. Then if successful, they win the race and are awarded the medal.

* This morning, I definitely want to challenge us to “Go for the Gold” by getting on the “Road to Glory. “ Turn with me to Romans 5 and let’s continue our study of Romans. We’ll read verses 18-21. Be reminded of a couple of things; 1) Jesus tells us that there is only ONE WAY to God, 2) The Apostle Paul uses every illustration he can think of to point us to that ONE WAY, 3) We can only be free of this world’s pull and discover God when we face the truth, and finally 4) Your eternal existence is in the balance. Let’s Read.

* In 1961 Donald Lee Haskins was hired as the Head Basketball coach at Texas Western College (today UTEP). The team was poor & recruit-ment was hard. Wanting and needing to turn the program around, he did something that no one was doing at that time. He went after the best Afro-American ballplayers in America. In 1966, TWC met Adolph Rupp & the University of Kentucky for the National Championship and won. The big news was; Coach Haskins started 5 black boys in a National Championship. Today, a movie has been made which chronicles this story. It is called “Glory Road.”

* This morning I call each person here to get on the Glory road to become all we can be in God, for God & toward God. Just like any other trip, you must know where you are and where you are going. Let’s draw us a map, chart our course, and see the stops along the way. Let’s take this from where we begin to where we belong.

1. The Starting Point – Condemnation –

* Most of us recognize the truth that if we are going somewhere, we must know where the journey will begin. On the internet is the popular web site named “map quest.” If you want to get written and visual directions to any location, just type in two addresses. You must type in your beginning point and ending point. In our physical world we understand this, however, spiritually we either deny or totally miss this.

* Many times on Sunday mornings as I am in my study, praying for God’s leadership, reviewing the message for the morning that the phone rings and the caller says, “how do I get to your church?” My first question is always the same, “where are you?” If they can tell me, then I can help. If not, then I’m helpless.

* Where do we start on our “Road to Glory?” Look at verse 18 for the answer, “through one trespass (sin) there is condemnation.” Our starting point is termed, “Condemnation.” We are condemned. Left to our own efforts, we have no hope. Why?

* Dating back to the Garden of Eden mankind has been infected by sin. Sin entered the world through one man’s disobedience (sin.) We all know and understand this truth in general terms. The problem comes when one has the audacity to say that this sin leads to condemnation. No one in our culture wants to come to grips with the truth that sin condemns, my sin condemns me and your sin condemns you. We don’t care to admit that we are a condemned people. Yet, the Bible uses the Greek word “Katakrima” which pictures the sentence of damnation which has been given to you. By the way, Paul has just written in Romans 3:23 that “ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s Glory.”

* I submit we all know about “condemned” people. (I.E. Timothy McVay, Ted Bundy, etc) A condemned person has no hope of survival. Without some extraordinary help—they are doomed.

* From what I read in God’s word, this is us. The Bible says, “no one is righteous, all have sinned, & the wages of sin is death”

* In our feel good society, we want to be better without admitting where we are. The requirement is to admit where we are.

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