Summary: Worry is a part of most people’s lives. Jesus highlights that most of our worries are not help. This sermon explores how we are to respond to worries and how God helps us deal with worries

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This morning as I was listening to Macca on ABC radio a gentleman rang up and said,

I am currently staying at a caravan park full of those Winnebagos,

many worth more than a house

But just about everyone is ruining their holiday because they are all worrying about the cost of fuel.

Worry, it seems as if we are all born to worry.

It seems for some people they need something to worry about to survive.

Someone once told me that if their father had nothing to worry about he would be worried.

I heard the story of someone worrying that they always had a big bank account,

but every winter they would get sick and endure the cold

because they wouldn’t put their heater on because it would cost too much.

What causes you to worry?



Financial issues

Health issues

Environmental worries

Lack of work

Something else.

Many people think that the solution to their worries is more money.

But reading through the stories of people who have money or people who have won lotteries

it becomes very clear that whilst more money may address some worries it also creates another batch of worries.

One person said their life became miserable after they won the lottery because

they didn’t want to tell anyone about it fearing someone may ask them for a dollar.

Another person was so paranoid everytime they went to buy something, because they worried they would be ripped off.

Another one said I wanted people to know I had money but I became so worried that what I bought wasn’t good enough.

And then there is the story of two ladies who had inherited their parents estate,

they were worried so much that the other one might get something better than themselves that the only thing they could agree on was everything was to be actioned.

To do this day they have bitterness towards each other and regrets that they didn’t get some things of sentimental value.

The major danger with worry is it can consume life.

Worry about certain things has the potential to ruin people.

Ever been around someone who is worried to the max about something.

That that thing dominates their life,

They become miserable.

And they neglect other important things in life.

And most of our worrying will achieve very little.

Jesus told us this morning that worrying will not add one day to your life.

Also research suggests that

• 40% Of the things we worry about will never happen.

• 30% of the things we worry about we can not change

• 12% of our worries are made on the basis of misinformation, or not having all the details

• 10% is related to health, and the more we worry about health the sicker we become

• 8% is legitimate, showing that life does have some things to worry about, but as much as we think

So how do we deal with our worries?

Well the starting point is to be honest.

Be honest that we do have worries.

And importantly be honest with what our worries are and what is causing them.

In our Gospel reading today began with Jesus saying.

From Matthew 6:24,

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

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