Summary: God’s plan to rebuild lives.

The Road to Renewal

Isaiah 40:29-31

I. You Must Have Vison For The Future - Proverbs 29:18

A. Evaluate Where You Are - Neh 2:13-15; 2 Cor 13:5

1. Where have you been

2. What are your strengths

3. What are your areas of weakness

4. What has brought about past failures

II. You Must Have A Definitive Plan - Neh 2:17

A. What do you need to be properly equipped

1. A clear understanding of the vision -

2. Clear communication with God

3. Clear communication with others involved - Ezek 43:10-11

III. You Must Actively Carry Out Each Part Of That Plan -

A. A plan without action remains nothing more than a good idea - Pro 12:14

1. Faith without works - Jas. 2:17; 20

2. A tree without fruit - Jude 12

B. Rely on sources of help

1. The Spirit of the Lord - Jas 1:5

2. Jesus walks with us each step of the way - Mat 11:30;

3. Learn from the past experiences of others

a. scripture - 1 Pet 2:21

b. mentors - Paul, Timothy

IV. Do Not Deviate From The Plan

A. God is the designer of those plans - Prv 19:21

1. They are perfect

2. They are flawless

3. He has already seen the end result - Jer 29:11

V. See Things From God’s Perspective -

A. Allow God to show you His vision - Num 24:4

B. Let the spirit give you spiritual eyes - Is 42:7a

C. Never view from your perspective - Ps 119:18

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