Summary: This sermon uses Psalm 19 to rejoice the truth that in God’s word we not only have a way home but a way to live

I really love the Lord! How about you? I really love the Lord! Psalm 19 helps me to remember why I love the Lord so much.

Just look at it. It is as if the Psalmist wants to tell us Ain’t Nobody like the Lord and Cain’t Nobody touch God. God is awesome. God is the same God who put the sun in the sky and no matter what happens on the earth, the sun still rises and sets every day. No matter how many storms blow in your life and my life the sun still rises.

God is truly an awesome God and truly the heavens proclaim the glory of the Lord.

But what does this mean to me and more importantly what does this mean for me?

It is really quite simple. And of course there are many song titles that reflect what Psalm 19 means to me. For me Psalm 19 is a song of rejoicing for now we can all find our way back home.

Perhaps my favorite song in general is a song from the musical play The Wiz. The song is the closing song from that show it is a song titled “Home.” The lyrics say When I think of Home I think of a place where there is love overflowing.

We all love Home wherever home may be. The memories of home remind of us all the fun we used to have growing up. It reminds us of all the lessons that we have learned and all of the mischief we once got into.

But as we grow up, life changes. As we grow up we need new stimuli to have fun. Fun has a new definition when we grow older. Fun is not as simple as it once was. Responsibility has come into play as we grow older. Sometimes responsibility has to take the place of fun. But Psalm 19 says to us that’s all right. Psalm 19 reminds us that as we grow up and move along our journey and get closer to home, we need to remember that every principle and precept is designed to show us that the way home is the way of God.

And this is not some pie in the sky sermon, trying to tell you that what is happening here and now is not important, no way, this sermon is saying that while you are alive, there is a blueprint for life given to us by none other than God almighty. And if we will study the blueprint, the road map or the guide book of life, we will not only find our way home. But in the mean time we will find hope, holiness and happiness, joy and judgment, justification, salvation, sanctification and an answer for our supplication. If we study the blueprint we will ourselves blessed in the city and blessed in the field, blessed when we come and when we go.

In the Wiz Dorothy sings “When I think of Home I think of a place where there is love overflowing. I wish I was Home I wish I was back there with the things I’ve been knowing.”

When I speak of Home, I am not talking about the place of my birth but I am talking about the birthplace of the Church. The birthplace of the church is the very mind of God. I want to get back home.

But as I try to get home, God has good news for me. God is with me everyday. Everday God is opening doors, moving obstacles, leading and directing my paths.

Everyday God is listening to my prayers, forgiving my sins and setting me on a rock.

Even on my worst days, God is still causing the sun to rise in the east and to set in the west.

Even on my darkest days, God is still allowing my engine to keep running. Oh I don’t why God loves me. I don’t why God cares but I am glad about it.

See, I have had my mind spun around in space but I now I know for sure I am on my way home. And whether you like it or not, so are you. But on my journey however long it may or may not be, My God has given me help and strength for the journey and you what it comes from his word.

The law of the Lord is perfect. It restores my very soul. The Law of the Lord gives my life meaning, God has indeed restored my soul, even when I fall down, I get back up. God has given me wholeness.

Not only is law perfect but his testimony is true, his statues are trustworthy God’s signposts are clear and they lead me along the path of righteousness.

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