Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The children who have not learned to obey their parents, those who are God’s representatives in the family, will never ever learn to obey God.

The Old and New Testament both say that the children have only one responsibility in the family-

• To obey their parents

God has intervened twice directly – what He would have children do?

(i) The first time He revealed to Moses about 3,400 years ago. He gave the 10 Commandments, in which He instructed them to “Honor your father and mother.”

(ii) The second time He revealed to Paul about 2,000 years ago. If we read Colossians 3: 20, it says that this is what God says children ought to do. This is not limited only to Christian life but also our secular lives.

Children are to obey in righteousness and godlike manner.

Such obedience was perfectly illustrated by Jesus the Son towards God Whom He called Abba, Father, even though that obedience resulted in death on the cross.

Two important things are promised to children who are obedient to their parents:-

1. It will be well with them – they will have a happy life.

2. They will live long on the earth – days on planet earth will be many.

Obedience to parents is the only way to ensure the above 2 stipulations.

Therefore the first commandment is with a promise. From it springs all other important issues of life.

The children who has not learned to obey their parents, who are God’s representatives in the family, will never ever learn to obey God.

Parents Responsibility:-

(i) The father is responsible for setting the pattern for the child’s obedience in the family. Any mother disciplining her child is only extending the father’s authority in the home.

(ii) The father must take the leadership role in this area of the family and the mother must be in submission to that role while it is being implemented.

(iii) Do not provoke your children (what does it mean?) – do not over discipline, terrorize, break out in rage over your child.

Conclusion: Children be careful to heed to your parents voice and submit to their discipline. For just as God our heavenly Father disciplines us, we have earthly parents fitting that role to implement God’s authority and love in our lives. Obey your folks!

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