Summary: Paul explained to Timothy the proper role of Christian women as essential to the function of the church. The Christian community must embrace the proper role of godly women. But how is it discovered? Responsibility for Christian women is found in her..


This sermon was very well received. One woman commented that I was ‘ballsy’ for preaching this. She also stated that her mother(were she a church-goer) would not have stood for it.


Movie/Broadway presentation—requires that each participant(actor) play a specific role.


A woman may ask...In the Christian community, how do I apply myself? What is the work I am to do? How do I honor God?

Secular American society attempts to blur the gender relationships that God has created. And in Christian circles there seems to be some disparity about the same thing.

I observe on the one hand, that men & women are accepted as complete equals at home & in the workplace.

However, I also observe, the reality that men & women are so very different in every aspect as to be completely incompatible with one another.

Paul explained to Timothy the proper role of Christian women as essential to the function of the church.

The Christian community must embrace/recognize the proper role of godly women.

Christians must embrace/recognize the proper role/responsibilities of godly women.

What delineates/defines the role of a Christian woman?

How is the role of a Christian woman delineated/discovered?

3 standards of responsibility for Christian women.

1—Responsibility for Christian women is found in her...

Standard for APPEARANCE(:9-10)

Explanation: (:9-10)Presentation

:9—“in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety & moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing,”

“In like manner”—In an adorning “manner” that is akin to that of the men in worship, the women are to also present themselves in a manner which best suits them(their design & role) in God’s eyes.

A woman’s physical “adornment” is comparable & complementary to the men of the church praying with holy hands untouched by wrath or doubting(:8).

A woman’s attention to physical appearance—particularly in a public Christian assembly—is an important consideration.

In our culture as well as Paul’s, women have a tendency to measure themselves by their outward beauty. Their “adornment” &/or accessories(Purses/Pocketbooks/Shoes/Necklaces/Bracelets/Ribbons/Bows/ornate Pins/Brooches) becomes their worth to both themselves & others.

These say something of how a woman is cared for by another/others & thus a woman can fall into the trap of allowing these things to determine her worth. It says much about her personal priorities.

It is interesting that men use ‘accessories’ to make basic tools more versatile. Men who are overly concerned with their outward appearance(Hair, Beard, Hat, Shirt, Pants & Shoe design, etc.) are no longer considered ‘girly men’(per Arnold Schwarzeneggar) but mainstream. It is unbecoming for a Christian man to see himself in such a light, just as it also is for a Christian woman.

Teen boys may have a tendency to ‘accessorize’ their vehicles merely to fulfill their own liking. Example—A lift-kit for a truck that never goes off-road or works.

A Christian woman is cautioned to pay attention to the way in which she presents herself to others, particularly in worship. This is exemplified in the godly attention to & arrangement of her dress/attire.

A Christian woman should dress in a “modest” & thus unassuming manner that mimic’s a personal spirit surrendered to God’s Holy Spirit. *Governing qualities for such a godly outward arrangement are... “propriety” & “moderation.”

These qualities encompass 1)A character that is fearful of doing something shameful 2)as well as A character fueled by personal sanity, soundness of mind & thus self-control.

Godly character can be subverted, undermined or hidden by overt attention/attractions centered in worldliness. Such worldly attentivenesses may be exemplified in something so seemingly innocuous as one’s hairstyle—which can demonstrate pride & self-centeredness.

—Look at the preponderance of hair salons & the lengths people go to in order to be different or call attention to themselves.

Women get weaves, people with curls relax their hair, people with straight hair curl their hair. They color their hair. They add highlights to their hair. Not saying that all of them are...but These CAN become examples of how Christians have been influenced by the world rather than by Christ!

“Gold or pearls” appears to be a category of excessive accessorization—Purses/Pocketbooks/Shoes/Necklaces/Bracelets/Ribbons/Bows/Brooches, etc. These too can be worldly & unbecoming to Christ & Christian women.

“Costly clothing” is an excessive expenditure for one’s clothing. This very thing is seen in the prevalence of open brand-name wearing(Coach/Prada/Vera Bradley/Hollister/Heuer/Dooney & Burke).

“Like manner/Likewise”—wsautwv—Adv.—In like manner. Strong—As thus, i.e. In the same way Used 17X.

“Women”[See :10, 11, 12]—gunh—1)A woman of any age, whether a virgin, or married, or a widow; 2)A wife—2a)Of a betrothed woman. Strong—A woman; specially--A wife.

“Adorn”—kosmew—V.—To put in order, arrange, make ready, prepare; 2) To ornament, adore; 3) Metaph. to embellish with honor, gain honor. Strong—To put in proper order, i.e. Decorate (literally or figuratively); specially--To snuff (a wick). used 10X.

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