Summary: I don’t want to be too hard on Jezebel this morning, so let me tell you that she was born with some great abilities and qualities. However, she elected to use them in the wrong fashion.



I must admit to you this morning that preaching a sermon on Mother’s Day with Jezebel anywhere in the topic may not seem like a wise idea. Mothers are revered – Mother’s are respected - Mother’s are Held in esteem. When I was young as well as in my parent’s generation - Mother’s were in the Church and taking care of the Children - Important for Mothers to make the house a home. Even if Mother worked outside of the home, she would take care of the home and make sure children were taken care of and participating in the life of the church. Taught to be respectful and kept the children from the streets.

We need to be real this morning – our society has changed. Mothers of this new generation are different and beginning motherhood at a much younger age then when I was coming up. I remember when Elect Lady and I became parents, she was 19 and I was 22 years of age, and yes, young folks, we were married at the time. We were responsible for a new life that totally depended upon us.

• Going to the Club was no longer important

• Partying was no longer important

• Hanging out with the fellas was no longer important

• We had a little life that we bought into this world that needed all of our attention

Seems like this next generation doesn’t make those same transitions as quickly, if at all. Young parents argue and fight over who is going to change the babies diapers. Argue and fight over who has to stay home with the baby, while the other goes out to party. Heard a young parent complain they could not go out because they had to stay home and babysit. You don’t babysit your own child, It’s your Child!!!!! So I want to help this next generation of mothers this morning and it may be uncomfortable. So, we continue this morning with our month long series on BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE. Ever come across any Bad Girls in your life? Now don't go pointing at any one sitting around you this morning.

I remember the year that I graduated High School in 1979 – it was the same year that DONNA SUMMER came out with her hit – BAD GIRLS – back in the Disco era. The song talked about some Bad Girls in the street and how they handled their business. I will leave it right there. None the less, I want to talk this morning about perhaps the #1 Bad Girl found in the pages of the Holy Writ.

Now it is interesting in our culture, sometimes you kind of expect fellows to be the bad guys. I never could understand when young ladies raised in the Church, grow up and pursue a Bad Boy - that still doesn’t make sense to me. But when there is a woman who is evil, boy, it seems all the more difficult to deal with, because they don't seem to take that role quite as naturally. Today, this woman that we'll talk about certainly is one of the most wicked women recorded in the pages of the scripture.

• What lessons can we learn from the life of Jezebel?

• She is mentioned for the first time in the book of KINGS

• She is mentioned for the final time in the Book of REVELATION

I could go many different directions this morning and each would be enriching. I want to ensure that I provide us with the tools that we need to do better, to face ourselves and with the help of God become all that God has called us to be. The direction we will move in this morning has to deal with relationships – not only with Husband and Wife – but also our relationships with one another. Can I tell you that IF WE ARE NOT IN RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER, YOU BETTER BE SURE WE ARE NOT IN RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

The PHOENICIAN PRINCESS Jezebel was born RICH and developed early in life a “TAKE CHARGE – TAKE NO PRISONERS ATTITUDE.” This is not a bad thing in general. We want to teach our Daughters how to take charge and SHATTER THE GLASS CEILING. We can appreciate women like:

• Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

• Secretary of State Dr. Condelissa Rice

• Oprah Winfrey - First African American Female Billionaire

• Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Harvard Educated and President, Liberia

• Bishop Vashita McKenzie, first female Bishop elected in AME denomination

• Rosa Parks, Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

• And certainly the list goes on

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