Summary: Today we will look at two real life examples from the life of Jesus that teaches us how to use common sense and approach faith in a Biblically-Balanced way.

Luke 6:1-11


Expound on the Old Testament Sabbath and the New Testament, first day of the week, gatherings by the church.

Today we will look at two real life examples from the life of Jesus that teaches us how to use common sense and approach faith in a Biblically - Balanced way.

I. Lord of the Sabbath

A. The practice of plucking corn and rubbing it together was the technique that was used in harvesting and threshing.

1. The Pharisees were finding fault with the “work” aspect of plucking & threshing on the Sabbath Day.

2. Jesus defended His disciples by quoting the experience of David and his fighting men when they were hungry in the book of 1 Samuel 21:1-9.

B. The Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath!

1. Jesus was saying, God wrote the Law of Moses so who better to interpret what it means then God Himself… through Christ.

C. Life Application Principles Learned

1. God is in control.

2. God is the final authority in all things.

3. Today’s language: God is the Big Boss!

II. Jesus heals the man with the withered hand

A. The objection of the Pharisees was basically the same. They thought that if Jesus “healed him on the Sabbath” that Jesus was “working”.

1. All that mattered to the Pharisees was to find something they could use to accuse Jesus. (This is a nasty spirit and its still in the earth today)

2. Revelation 12:9-10 calls Satan a dragon and a serpent who is the accuser of the brethren.

a) It didn’t matter to the Pharisees that people were getting healed and delivered…

b) They were so Law Minded they were no Grace Good.

B. Jesus punched back by asking them a question, “…Is it lawful on the sabbath days to do good, or to do evil? to save life, or to destroy it?”

1. Jesus backed them into a corner because He knew they would have to admit that it was right to do good on the Sabbath, and wrong to do harm.

a) Jesus was doing good by healing the man with the withered hand.

b) He also called them out on their evil practice of plotting (working) to kill Him on the Sabbath. (The Pharisees formed Jewish culture through their plots and actions. It was their JOB!)

C. The Healing Technique that Jesus used was two fold and required obedience mixed with faith.

1. Rise up and stand forth in the midst. - An act of obedience in the midst of opposition.

2. Stretch forth thy hand - An act of faith!

a) There was no begging and pleading with God… just an exercise of Spiritual Authority over the fleshly realm.

b) Jesus was already prayed up. Now He was simply using His authority.

D. Life Application Principles Learned

1. Opposition is “par for the course” when it comes to accepting and practicing faith. (God responds to faith)

2. Use your God-Given Authority to overcome the enemy in your life and in the life of others.

3. The anointing that is on your life is meant to flow… not lay dormant.

4. Use your faith! - Faith recap:

a) Faith comes by hearing - Romans 10:17

b) Faith works by love - Galatians 5:6

c) Faith is activated by confession - Mark 11:22-24

d) Faith is perpetuated by forgiveness - Mark 11:25-26 (un-forgiveness can shut down your faith!)


- God wants to use us as conduits of His power but we need to present ourselves to Him.

- Salvation

- Holy Spirit Baptism

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