Summary: A series of messages on the ten commandments



Exodus 20:8-11

* In preparing for this message, I was ready to begin with this statement- “this is the most maligned & violated of all commands.” Candidly- God arrested my heart & said, “Ok, hot shot--which is the least maligned command?”

* So I reviewed all 10 Commands

No Other Gods

Commit Murder

No Idols


Lord’s Name


Sabbath Day




* When I consider history and the Bible, it is easy to become depressed. Our forefathers gave their wealth, work, sweat, blood, & lives to give us a country which honors this great Decalogue. Today they would probably turn over in their graves to see how we have abandoned our heritage. This command reads as the longest passage given to any command/ TEXT

* This command is a call. In this day of close communication, calls are very common. We receive all kinds of calls, reminder calls, renewal calls, bad calls, good calls, even draft calls for our young men. Have we forgotten the call of God?


* God simply says, “Remember” Why did He say that? Could it be because the Children of Israel were so apt to forget? They always are forgetting the important stuff. They are quick to forget the conditions in Egypt, they can’t seem to remember victories and blessings of God, so it stands to reason that they will probably forget this important day.

* We could do a study on the “Sabbath day” which would require several weeks to complete, but how about a short lesson for clarity. There is some confusion about the Sabbath. Many think the word “Sabbath” means Saturday because it is the 7th day. In fact, one group has built a denomination on this belief. It is true God rested on 7th day & it is equally true “Hebrews” worshipped on Saturday.

* The word Sabbath means to cease, desist, and/or rest from worldly activity such as work, making a living, and the like. The reason we are commanded to do this is to reflect on God’s goodness, rest in His love, reconnect with His spirit, and get our spiritual & physical strength replenished. God designed us to need the rest, reflection, & renewal of the day.

* It is an interesting truth that post-resurrection NT believers (Jews) moved their day of worship, rest, and giving to the first day, the Lord’s Day which was Resurrection day. Why did they do this? To even ask this question means that we have lost the “wonder” of the resurrection. This is the day given to God for celebration of Jesus coming back from the death. In this command we have been called to not forget, yet some have forgotten/.

* We seem to fill our Sundays with everything BUT Him. We can work all week to get boat ready, the golf clubs clean, the television finely turned, or any of another hundred things, and come to “church to do our time.” We sit, stand, and sing with our lips but our hearts are privately saying ”hope service is not too long” or “I hope we can get that preacher to keep it short,” or even “if I am to complete my plans, I don’t have time.”

* One of the saddest remarks I have ever heard as a pastor was stated with a sense of seriousness that I didn’t believe. He said, “Since you came, cannot beat Methodist to restaurant. May I submit this command has been forgotten?


* We are also called to “Keep it Holy” and “sanctify it.” We don’t hear these words very often. Yet holiness, sanctification, and even consecration are part of God’s standard. The Bible still says, “Be holy as I am holy.” This is not speaking of perfection but rather, motivation.

* We forsake this command when it becomes “OUR DAY” which we “lend a part of” to God as opposed to His day.

* He says, “Make it Holy,” set it apart, calendar it, because it’s HIS! Prepare for it!

* We understand what it means to really prepare. We prepare for weddings, building a house, opening a business, vacations, trips, even for company. We know about this.

* The same principle applies for the Lord’s Day. We should be well prepared for our corporate time together. When I became you pastor, I covenanted with you that if you would show up, I would do my best to be prayed up, planned out, and ready to bring fresh bread from the table of God. From my side of this table, I have done my best to keep my end of the arrangement and with only a couple of exceptions in the 2 years have been prepared.

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