Summary: Jesus the same yesterdat and tomorrow.

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The same Jesus.

Acts 3: 11 -- 18. 03/31/02

We need to know something about the sitting for the sermon which Peter preached about the Lord Jesus. There was a man who had been crippled for over 40 years and now Jesus healed him. The crippled man used to sit at the gate called beautiful begging for money. Peter said silver and gold we don’t have but in the name of Jesus rise up and walk. Peter had something better than silver and gold. He told the crippled man about Jesus. Well, when the man was healed, he began running, leaping, shouting and praising God. There is a commotion going on and people began to gather. The Bible says that they all came together.

Now, what do you expect a Baptist preacher to do when a crowd begins to gather? You are right. Peter knows it is time to preach a sermon. It really helps your sermon when you have a miracle in your presence to show the people. That is one of the things that makes it exciting preaching at Oak Ridge here. I have the opportunity of preaching in the presence of miracles every service. We that are saved to have experienced a miracle in our lives. We have been born again. We were at onetime lost and on our way to at Devils hell. We repented of our sins, trusted Jesus and it changed our destination from hell to heaven. We have passed from death to life. That folks, is a miracle.

So, here is an opportunity for Peter when a crowd gathers, to preach a sermon. Now I know Peter was a good preacher because he turns the attention of the people from himself to Lord Jesus. Look at vs. 12,13. A good preacher will make much of Jesus. John the Baptist said of Jesus, “he must increase but I must decrease. Preaching ought to magnify and glorify Jesus. That is gospel preaching. The people were amazed at what had just happened to a crippled man but Peter makes a bee line to the cross.

A preacher friend of mine said onetime, when you preach you ought to head to the cross and just as quick as you can.

Now what we have here is an outline of Peter’s sermon. Now if you want to know Peter’s sermon was about, in Hebrews 13: 8 gives a good summary. That verse says, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Now look at verse 13. Jesus is mentioned 3 times. In this verse, Peter talks about the Jesus of the past. “The God of our fathers.” He also talks about Jesus of the promise. “Hath glorified His Son.” Then he talks about the Jesus of the presence. “You denied the Holy One.” So in our Easter sermon, I want us to think about the Jesus of the past, Jesus of the promise and Jesus of the presence.

In a very clear sentence Peter brings before them their part in the death of Jesus. Now we know that Jesus was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. It was God Himself who put His son on Calvary’s cross. But Peter made it clear that they had a part in the crucifixion. They denied him and rejected him when the chief official Pilate did all he could to release Jesus. Pilate said on number of occasions I find no-fault in Jesus. You know something folks, that is the general consensus of human history. I have never found anybody who found fault in Jesus. I have gone into homes and people blame church members and find fault with them but no one could blame Jesus. But the issue this morning is not what are you going to do with church members but what are you going to do with Jesus?

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