Summary: The Sat.Nav. is an amazing piece of technological kit for drivers but we need something more in the journey of life - the Bible, prayer and guidance by othe Christians.

The picture shows an amazing piece of technological kit. What do think it is? Yes, it’s a Sat. Nav. – a Satellite Navigational screen. It’s used by drivers to find their way to a destination. It’s a computer, linked electronically to a satellite, receiving a signal telling it exactly where it is and how to get the fastest or shortest route to the place where the driver is heading for. It knows where the vehicle is at any moment of time and gives directions on the screen and by voice as to the turnings to take. What’s more, if the driver makes a mistake it will redirect him or her to the right road. The driver is still in control and if the instructions are misunderstood or ignored it’s possible to get lost all the same.

The Sat. Nav. is a great invention but there’s one journey it can’t compute: the journey of life. This is a journey that all of us are on, at all stages of our life. But the great news I have for you is that God has provided a book that can help us. What do you think it is? Yes, it’s the Bible. Of course it won’t tell you in so many words the answer to every problem, but through the stories of Jesus and His disciples and their teaching, all the important guideposts to life will be found. It will help us to make the right choices, so we don’t make a mess of our lives.

The Sat. Nav. is a nice piece of equipment but it’s no good just left in its box – it’s got to be put to work. It’s got to be plugged in, the destination has to be entered and the maker’s instructions followed. The newspapers have stories of Sat. Nav. users ending up at the end of a cart track when something went wrong. So it is on life’s journey, we have to ask God’s help by praying as we read the Bible and learn from those who have been on life’s road before us. But the important thing is to get started in the right direction by asking Jesus into your life and using the helps available to us.

There’s a verse of Psalm 119:105 which describes the Sat. Nav. that God has provided for all Christians: ‘Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.’ Do make sure you use it.

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