Summary: We seem to live in a society that is more confused than ever. Pick any discussion. You would have many arguments and counter arguments (Example: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution). The result is that people take the stance of “whatever”. What is the reason


We seem to live in a society that is more confused than ever. Pick any discussion. You would have many arguments and counter arguments (Example: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution). The result is that people take the stance of “whatever”. What is the reason for this situation? The answer is doubt. As Christians what are we supposed to do when faced with situations like this? Should we be taking sides? What does the bible tell us? Let us find out.

I. Humans have a tendency to doubt

One of the main focuses of doubt that humans has is about the existence of God. This doubt can be channeled for good causes or left to cause stress because the state of uncertainty brings stress. Without faith it is impossible to please or accept God.

In the book of Genesis we find Eve doubting the words of God, because Satan told her that she won’t die (Genesis 3:4) if she eats fruits of the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 3:6 – Eve began taking extra look at the fruit. Eve could have thought. If God is really a good person, he should have told me all the details about this tree? Why didn’t he do that? He only said that you would die? Why didn’t God put a protective fence around the tree with state of the art security so that no one could touch the fruits? He should have known that the fruits are attractive? He should have told us. Does this mean that he doesn’t trust us?

Humans have tried to scientifically prove that God exists for some time now. So far the only thing successful has been to create division in the society causing more confusion leaving people on the sidelines. Doubt lives in the absence of faith. John 1:39, we see Jesus saying “Come and you will see”. Faith first, reasoning second. Andrew believed first, spend time with God and was sure that Jesus was the messiah.

Eve could have blamed God for her misfortune. Genesis 3:11 – Didn’t God knew that we touched the fruit? Why is he asking me again?

II Christians should not doubt but grow in faith

The best prescription for all Christians by Jesus Christ was to have and grow in faith. When you grow in faith, doubt diminishes. Doubt causes hope to torn into pieces. We see Jacob doubted that Joseph would be dead. Joseph dreamed that he would be great so much as to have his family bow before him. Genesis 37:33

Deuteronomy 28:66 – 68 – If you don’t obey God, your life itself can hang in doubt before yourself. The people of Israel, Gods people were left to ruin, since they disobeyed God. One of the main characteristics that you have moved away from God is that of doubting his existence. Why did Israel went after other Gods? Was this due to lack of heavenly miracles? No.

Daniel 5:12 – Dissolving of doubts. Godly people helps dissolve doubts? The faith in God helps Daniel to dissolve the doubts of the King. Daniel still had faith in God, even though he was taken captive to Babylon. Daniel decided not to partake of the things of the idols. Some people tend to take an agnostic stance (especially in politics) to appear as educated and diplomatic.

Matthew 14:31- Little faith, lots of doubt. Lots of faith, little doubt. Whenever we begin to doubt the existence of God, think about this aspect. The worldly arguments would some times feel so real to you. But decide that you are going to have faith to trust Jesus Christ us your Lord and Savior.

Matthew 21:21 – Jesus asks us to not doubt him, but have faith

Matthew 28:16-17 – Even disciples doubted the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This underlines the importance of growing in faith. Remember that these are the same set of people who have seen miracles by Jesus. Still they doubt. How much naïve can human race be? Are you left confused by the secularist and sometimes atheistic thoughts of this world? Recommit your faith with the Lord.

Matthew 12:29 – Neither be you of doubtful mind

James 1:5-6 – Need wisdom. Ask of the Lord. Have faith. It takes faith to have wisdom. It is quite a paradox compared with what we learn from this world.

1 Timothy 2:8 –Pray without wrath and disputing

1 John 2:18-19 – All people may not be for us.

Science demands empirical evidence to describe our world. A theory or hypothesis is the explanation for the events that have been observed. Scientists create hypotheses to try and explain the observed behavior of the world. They do so by creating an explanation that can be tested. If a lot of evidence is collected to support the hypothesis, then they would accept the hypothesis as a good explanation and on further testing would support it as an accepted theory.

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