Summary: That must have been some site for the disciples as they stood on the Mount of Olives to see our Lord ascend into heaven before their very eyes.

The second coming of Jesus.

acts 1:9 -- 11. 07/04/04

Today we want to talk about the second coming of our Lord Jesus found in acts chapter 1.

That must have been some site for the disciples as they stood on the Mount of Olives to see our Lord ascend into heaven before their very eyes. Jesus had spent forty days with them after his resurrection from the dead. He gave them words of comfort concerning the future. He had also commissioned them to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. After he had spoken these words, we find in verse 9,while they beheld, while they looked intently on Jesus, gravity was suspended and Jesus began to rise in the air. They watched as he completely went out of sight into the air.

Have you ever wondered about what they thought? I mean think about Peter. He must thought no one ever loved me as this man. John must have said there goes my Lord. Their thoughts were not on the two angels who were standing with them. The angel said why stand you gazing into the clouds? This same Jesus will come in like manner, as you have seen him go. Then as we move into the 11th verse, I want you to see about three things that are important truths about our Lord’s second coming.

The first thing I want you to see is THE PROMISE OF HIS COMING. Jesus is coming back to the earth based upon the Word of God. The Bible feels the subject of Jesus second coming is important because of the amount of verses that are used to talk about it. The new birth is used nine times in the Bible. Baptism is mentioned 20 times, repentance is mentioned 27 times, but the coming of Jesus is mentioned 318 times. Folks there is a promise that Jesus is coming. His coming is mentioned in about all the New Testament books. In Matthew, Jesus said the Son of man will come in the glory of the father with the holy Angels. In mark, Jesus said he will come in power and with great glory. In Luke, Jesus said, then they shall see the Son of man coming with the cloud. In John, Jesus said, I will come again and receive you unto myself. In acts, the angel said, this same Jesus shall so come. In Romans, Paul says when he comes, he will bruise the enemy. In first Corinthians, Paul says when he comes, he is coming in a moment. In second Corinthians, Paul says when he comes we will stand before the judgment seat to receive our rewards. Ladies and gentlemen we ought to live in constant anticipation and expectation of Jesus coming back. The promise of his coming.

I want you to not only see the promise of his coming but also THE PATTERN OF HIS COMING. We see the pattern in verse 11. It is not the angels, not the prophets, but Jesus himself, this same Jesus who was taken up into heaven shall come. That same Jesus who walked the earth doing nothing but good. That same Jesus who healed the sick and caused the blind to see. That same Jesus who was nailed on the cross and took upon himself your sins and mine. The Redeemer of the world is coming back. We have his love letter, the Bible, and he tells his church I will be back for you.

And I find want you to see THE PURPOSE OF HIS COMING.

First of all the purpose of his coming is for a resurrection. When you look at first Thessalonians chapter 4 you find the Lord’s coming will call quite a scene in the graveyard. At his coming every grave that has a loved one who died in the Lord will open. The dead in Christ will rise first.

Not only the purpose of the resurrection but his coming for the purpose of the rapture. In first Thessalonians 4, Paul talked about after our dead loved ones who died in faith are resurrected, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. The next big event for the Christian is the rapture of the Saints. That is the day we are looking for. When he tuts we’re gonna scoot. The gravity will have no hold on the Christian when Jesus calls for the Saints.

The purpose for his coming is not only for the resurrection of the dead Saints and the rapture of the living Saints but also the reunion for all the Saints. What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see, and all those Saints who died in the Lord never to be separated again by death or space. Jesus is coming, and we are looking forward to his coming. Our prayer is like John on the Isle of Patmos, even so come Lord Jesus. When he comes, are you ready?

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