Summary: The Bible speaks of life after death and then a second death that is forever.

The Second Death

Revelation 20:7-15

In the previous verses we took a look at what would the millennial reign of Christ be like and discussed that this thousand years will be much like it was for Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Here we come to the close of the thousand years and the events to follow.

There are several significant events I find that takes place here.

1. Satan’s Released

Mention: Rev. 20:2-3 We are told that Satan was bound a for a thousand years and must be loosed for a little season.

Rev. 20:7 When the thousand years have expired Satan shall be loosed out of his prison

When Satan is loosed a couple of things take place:

a. Deception

Vs.8 he shall go out to deceive the nations…four quarters of the earth (This mean people from all over the earth).

Mention: Rev. 12:9 Satan is identified as He who decieveth the world

He is a master at deception and he uses things such as Sorceries (drugs), Sensuality (sex) and Status (money and popularity).

Mention: 1 John 2:16 The lust of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and the pride of life has always been his threefold temptations.

b. Destruction

Mention: John 10:10a The thief cometh but to steal kill and destroy…

Vs.9 we are told that those he deceived was destroyed by God

Gog and Magog: The word Gog seems to refer to the ruler and Magog the providence ruled.

See: Ezekiel 38:1-3

See: Genesis 10:2 the mentioning of these places that is believe to be a representation of modern day Russia.

Point: The battle mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 is fought before the Millennial reign so the use of the term here is probably symbolic of any rebellion against God.

Vs.10 we see the destruction of Satan

See: Isaiah 14:12-17 Isaiah prophesies of the fall of Babylon which is also foretelling the fall of Satan.

2. Second Resurrection

See: Rev. 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished

They will be raised from the dead for one purpose and that is judgment.

See: Rev. 20:11-13 their appearance will be before what is described as the “Great White Throne”

Point: There are two different judgments described in the Bible; one for believers and the other for unbelievers at two different times.

Mention: 1 Peter 4:17 Peter writes judgment must first begin at the house of God

This is the judgment seat of Christ mentioned in 2 Cor. 5:10 known as the BEMA seat.

Now here in Revelation 20:11-13 we see the judgment of the unbelievers.

a. Second Resurrection

Vs.13 The sea, death and hell deliver up the dead unto this judgment day.

It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment. Ref. Hebrews 9:27

He who sits on the throne to judge will be Jesus Himself. Ref. John 5:22

They will be judged according to:

b. Spiritual Record

Vs.12 there is books and another book known as the book of life

See: Vs.12b and Vs.13 according to their works

What’s recorded in these books will decide their fate.

3. The Second Death

See: Vs.14 -15

There are two explanations to hell and the lake of fire here: Hell means them both or hell is the temporary place of torment the lake of fire the permanent place. The later view is what I believe to be true.

Point: whosoever is not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

I want to conclude by making a point here. We have just seen here that those who was born in the thousand year reign of Christ while the Satan was bound was later deceived by the devil after spending all that time in the presence of Jesus the Christ.

How could this be so?

First of all Judas Iscariot was among the twelve chosen and yet he perished because of his unbelief. He put forth a picture of a religious but lost person.

Mention: Isaiah 65:20 In the millennial reign here the Bible says a sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

What am I saying here? I am saying that despite the environment you put man in he is still depraved and lost without salvation by grace and faith in Jesus.

There are many according to Matt. 7:21-23 who fits that category today.

Closing Remarks: Do you know today for sure that you are saved?

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