Summary: We are still waiting for our Groom to arrive.

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The Secret of Inheritance

August 29, 2010 (PM)


A If you were engaged to be married, but never actually got married, how satisfied would you be?

1 Engagement is exciting, anticipation is palpable, excited to spend your life with your beloved.

a How long would that excitement last if you never set a wedding date, or that day never arrived?

2 Would be burdensome after awhile with no wedding.

a Not engaged to be engaged, but engaged to marry.

b Ring: calls all her friends over-shines, glimmers, isn’t it beautiful!

aa Ring! Now guaranteed to be together.

bb Her joy almost borderlines obsession...showing ring, talking about fiance...let her talk.

B Several months, years marriage, no bridegroom.

1 The ring catches the sun, lights up her room-she weeps.

a What good is this thing without a wedding?

b Remembers when she first got it-now nothing.

2 The groom hasn’t come back.

a Looks foolish to the groom’s friends, family

b Feels deceived, but the ring shows His real intentions.

aa Empty, confused

bb What good is a ring with no wedding?

c Remember joy, bragging, announcement...yet the union goes unfilled, almost embarrassed.

C A lawyer from a far-off land comes to give you the news that a wealthy uncle has passed away, & he’s left you the bulk of his estate.

1 Nuts! Then he takes out more money than you’ve ever seen (didn’t know they made such large bills).

a Attorney said, “Down payment, confirms the rest is coming.”

b The lawyer leaves, sticks his head back in. “Remember, this is the down payment. The full inheritance is to follow.”

2 You’re excited! You’ve always worked so hard!

a Friends let you enjoy it as you tell the same story (brag) 100 times.

b Start spending...more is coming...what you have now is NOT more than you can spend.

aa Not just your family, but others

bb Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give. Matt 10:8 (NASB)

3 The rest of the inheritance hasn’t arrived yet.

a Try calling lawyer (no answer), doesn’t return your calls-you don’t understand how such a down payment would be made with no further installations.

b There’s a knock on your door-it’s a messenger from the attorney:

aa Dear Sir: It has come to my attention that you have been calling my office repeatedly. I am sure I made it clear that the full inheritance will come. I even left you a down payment. Please let this matter be settled. The inheritance is yours. As to its delivery date, I shall follow the directions given in the will. Upon your death, I am to deliver the remainder of the inheritance to your home. -End telegram-

I We have made excuses over the last 2,000 years because the groom has not arrived, we have not received the full inheritance.

A Now, we believe all our joy is “someday over there”.

1 All we can do is hold to grace. His grace is enough.

a We’ve been given unspeakable power, authority...yet we live in defeat & depression: “We’ll understand it better by & by.”

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