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Summary: The Authority of Jesus

Reading: Mark chapter 1 verses 12-28.


The British PM David Cameron took his cabinet out for a meal;

• The waiter asked him; “Sir, what would you like to eat?”

• David Cameron replied; “I’ll have the roast beef please”,

• The waiter then said; “And what about the vegetables?”

• David Cameron replied: “They will have the same!”

As Prime Minister David Cameron has tremendous authority;

• But he is not to use that authority for selfish gain;

• But rather to serve the people of his country.

Jesus is the Servant of God, but he is a most unusual Servant!


• After all, it is the servant who prepares the way for others and announces their arrival.

• But last week we saw how others prepared the way for Jesus;

• And announced that He had come!

• Even heaven itself took note of Him!

• Because this Servant is God the Son.


• We expect a servant to be under authority and to take orders,

• But as we are going to see today and the next few weeks;

• God’s Servant exercises authority and gives orders and His orders are obeyed.

• In this section, Mark describes two situations that reveal the authority of Jesus;

• As the Servant of God.


• Setting out from Hamburg, Germany, to give a concert in London,

• The violinist Fritz Kreisler had an hour before his boat sailed.

• He wandered into a music shop,

• Where the proprietor asked if he might look at the violin Kreisler was carrying.

• He then vanished and returned with two policemen,

• One of whom told the violinist, “You are under arrest.”

• “What for?” asked Kreisler.

• “You have Fritz Kreisler’s violin.”

• “I am Fritz Kreisler,” protested the musician.

• “You can’t put that on us. Come along to the station.”

• As Kreisler’s boat was sailing soon, there was no time for prolonged explanations.

• Kreisler asked for his violin and played a piece he was well known for.

• “Now are you satisfied?” he asked.

• The policemen let the musician go because he had done what only Fritz Kreisler could do.

In Mark chapter 1:

• The author informs his readers as to who Jesus Christ is;

• In verse 1 he tells us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God;

• And now he shows us Jesus doing that which only he was able to do!

• Although Jesus is pictured as a servant,

• He is a very unusual servant!

• A servant is one under authority and takes orders;

• But Jesus exercises authority and gives orders!

• In this section, Mark describes three situations that reveal the authority of Jesus;

• As the Servant of God.

Situation One: His temptation (vs 12-13).

At once the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness, 13 and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him.

• Mark in his fast paced style of writing;

• Does not give to us a full an account of the temptation of Jesus;

• Quote: If Mark was describing a beautiful sunset & sun rise inn all its glory,

• He would write: “The sun set & the sun rose!”

• So if you want all the details of this incident then read the other gospel writers.

• Notice although brief, Mark draws to our attention some important facts.


• NIV: “…the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness,

• KJB: “The Spirit "driveth Him",

• NLT: “The Spirit then compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness”,

• Message: “This same Spirit pushed Jesus out into the wild”.

• Now don’t misunderstand what the verse is saying;

• It is not that Jesus was either unwilling or afraid to face this experience.

• Rather, it is Mark’s way of showing the intensity of the experience.

• Remember from last week:

• At his baptism heaven itself was torn open and God audibly spoke!

• “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

• Mark tells us that for Jesus the servant of God there is work to be done;

• So there is no time spent basking in the glory of the heavenly;

• Not time to dwell on the voice or the presence of the heavenly dove.

• The Servant had a task to perform;

• And as the perfect servant he immediately went to do it.


• Verse 12: It was the Spirit who led |Jesus into the desert:

• "Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil”.

• Life of course is full of highs & lows.

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