Summary: Daniel’s mighty prayer and the Lord’s answer by the angel Gabriel of the 70 Weeks

Daniel Chapter 9-Daniel’s Mighty Prayer & The Lord’s Response: 70 Weeks Prophecy

I. Daniel’s Understanding (v.1,2)

A. The Setting of the Chapter (v.1) [536 B.C.-Daniel is 86 Years Old]

B. The Scripture of Understanding (v.2) [Jeremiah 25:11,12, 29:10-14]

II. Daniel’s Prayer Analyzed (v.3-19)

A. Daniel’s Preparation for Prayer (v.3)

B. Daniel’s Praise to the Lord (v.4)

C. Daniel’s Powerful Confession (v.5-11)

1. We have sinned [Missed the mark] (v.5)

2. We have committed iniquity [Perverted our ways] (v.5)

3. We have done wickedly [To be Guilty & Condemned] (v.5)

4. We have rebelled [Revolted against God by committing open actions of tumult] (v.5)

5. Neither have we hearkened unto Thy servants the Prophets (v.6)

6. Because of their trespass [Unfaithful, grievous actions against the Lord] (v.7)

7. We have sinned [Missed the mark] (v.8)

8. We have rebelled [Revolted against God by committing open actions of tumult] (v.9)

9. Neither have we obeyed [Did not listen, hearken to God’s Word] (v.10)

10. Yea, all Israel have transgressed Thy Law [Openly rebelled against the Law] (v.11)

D. Daniel Justifies the Actions of God (v.12-15)

1. The Word of God Confirmed by God’s Judgment (v.12)

2. The People Did Not Respond (v.13)

3. The Present Evil Sent by God (v.14)

4. The Confession of Daniel (v.15)

E. Daniel’s Ardent Appeals/Requests/Commands to God (v.16-19)

1. I beseech Thee, let Thine anger be turned away (v.16)

2. Hear the prayer of Thy servant (v.17a)

3. Cause Thy face to shine upon Thy sanctuary (v.17b)

4. Incline Thine ear (v.18a)

5. Hear (v.18b)

6. Open Thine eyes (v.18c)

7. Behold our desolations (v.18d)

8. Hear, O Lord (v.19a)

9. Forgive (v.19b)

10. Hearken (v.19c)

11. And do (v.19d)

12. Defer not (v.19e)

III. The Lord’s Immediate & Miraculous Response (v.20-27)

A. God Sends His Angel Gabriel (v.20, 21)

B. Gabriel Informs Daniel of His Purpose (v.22, 23)

C. Gabriel Unfolds God’s Seventy Week Plan of the Ages for Israel (v.24-27)

1. The Sixty-nine Weeks of Daniel Explained (v.24-26)

2. The Seventieth Week in Focus (v.27)

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