Summary: The Sheep and Goat judgment.

The Sheep & the Goats

Matthew 25:31-46

This parabolic-sounding passage is actually a prediction of future

events that will take place when Jesus returns to rule and reign on

this earth. This passage does not teach a ‘general judgment’ at the

end of time. This judgment takes place on earth immediately after

the Battle of Armageddon before the millennial kingdom is

established on earth (Matt. 25:31), and the saved are told to

“inherit the kingdom” (Matt. 25:34). See also Revelation 19:19-20:4.

I. Separation of the Groups (31-33)

A. Gentile Nations

1. ‘Nations’ in verse 32 is Gk. Word for ‘Gentiles’

2. Word is in neuter gender (generic term)

3. ‘Them’ in same verse is in masculine gender

4. Refers to individual judgment

B. Sheep

1. Those righteous from Tribulation

2. Their righteousness has been manifested by

their treatment of Israel (‘my brethren’ in verse 40)

C. Goats

1. Those unrighteous from Tribulation

2. Their unrighteousness has been manifested by

their treatment of all believers Jew & Gentile alike

(‘these’ verse 45)

II. Sharing of the Godly (34-40)

A. Blessed of the Father (Salvation)

B. Inherit the Kingdom (Millennial)

C. Rule & Reign with Christ

D. See Revelation 20:4-6 READ

III. Suffering of the Godless (41-46)

A. Cursed (Unsaved)

B. Inherit eternal damnation

C. See Revelation 19:19-20 READ

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