Summary: Part B--vii-ix of point 14. Paul commended his apostolic ministry to the Corinthian church thru a list of practical realities. The Practical Realities of Ministry are seen in our Ministry Commendations...

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‘The Significance Of A New Creation’--XVII—2Corinthians 5:9--6:10...

14. The PRACTICAL REALITIES Of MINISTRY-B—2Corinthians 6:3-10...

Part B of point 14 in the series.


No matter what we do for a living or how we worship together corporately, much more is required to bring about the actuality than may be considered/grasped by the receivers of such.

A true Christian receives a new nature.


*The key to our verses is 2Cor. 5:17—“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Paul clarified the significance of being a new creation in Christ to the Corinthian church.

There is great significance to being a new creation in Christ.

14 significations/signifiers of being a new creation in Christ.

Previously we have found that A new creation is significant in its New...

1. PLEASUREs(5:9)

2. RECEPTION(5:10)




6. LOVE(5:14-15)


8. NEWNESS/Creativeness(5:17)

9. RELATIONSHIP--Reconciliation(5:18-19)

10. INSTRUMENTATION/Mediation(5:20)


12. VIEW Of VANITY(6:1)

13. URGENCY(6:2)

We will see that Paul & Timothy commended apostolic ministry to the Corinthian church thru a list of Practical Realities within which they operated.

The significance of how being a new creation in Christ is played out in the Practical Realities of Ministry.

We are going to examine the significance of these Practical Realities one-by-one in their manifestation as Commendors of God-ordained Ministry.

14—A new creation is significant in the...


So far we have looked at the role of...

A. OFFENSE & BLAME(6:3) well as...


i. Patience(6:4)—cheerful endurance & constancy

ii. Tribulations—pressures

iii. Needs—forced subsistence

iv. Distresses—narrowed circumstances

v. Stripes(6:5)—officially sanctioned punishment

vi. Imprisonments—officially sanctioned

vii. Tumults(6:5)—chaotic/unstable lifestyle

viii. Labors—physically/mentally taxing work

ix. Sleeplessness

Continuing our look at MINISTRY COMMENDATIONS we find a 10th commendation....


A 10th Commendation as ministers of God...

“in fastings”

Comes by means of “fastings/hunger.” i.e., A Commendable Ministry is delivered in the package of “fastings/hunger.”

a. These MAY ‘possibly’ be the “fastings/hungers” of insecure living in dependence upon the generosity( or lack thereof) of others. Such is the involuntary hunger resulting from having no steady income or set place of their own. These “fastings” result from not knowing where one’s next meal will come from & often does not arrive at all.

*The more common(23X) word translated “hunger” is peinaw which is a more general term.

b. These ‘more probably’ MAY also be the voluntary “fastings” secured thru hours of prayer, &/or study, &/or labor...i.e., commitments of devotion to God in Christ! Chosen “fasting” in anticipation of the movement of God!(direction/intervention/involvement). “Fasting” is employed to bring an intensified focus upon a specific matter of prayer. “Fasting” is ALWAYS coupled with prayer!

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