Summary: Too often we make life more complicated than it really is. In fact life really is simply when we live according to God’s Word.



A little more than 11 years ago, Sherri and I had our first warm debate…it all surrounded the game of life

A. The details are conveniently little fuzzy

1. One of us decided to make up the rules as we went along

2. New and improved rules would make the game more enjoyable for everyone

3. So…we played the game of LIFE!

A) First few spins and everything was good

B) Then it happened

1) New…improved rules were not all that great

2) They did aid in one player coming away with all the money

3) But at what expense?

Many of us approach our “Life” on earth the same way

A. We are having a good time

B. We consider how much better it will be if we altar the rules a little

1. We make our own rules

2. We live life by our own standards

3. Sure…the first few “spins” or years are fun

4. In the end…when it all matters…and the costs are weighed

A) New and improved rules were not all that great

B) Sure, we came away with a lot…less

C) At what expense?

1) Families

2) Jobs

3) Health


Some say, “Life is just too complicated”

A. True to some degree…when we focus on the temporal…by our rules

B. Reality…with Christ and a godly focus…life can be played by the rules

1. You will find that the rules of life are not that bad

2. You will find that in the end the reward is great

A) Healthy relationships

B) Meaningful pursuits

C) A lasting heritage

3. Sure, but at what expense?

A) That’s the catch…it’s free

B) It is available by faith

C) It is obtained through obedience

Let me share with you The Simplicity of Life

Read Ephesians 5:8

A. For you were formerly darkness

1. This is speaking of a life without Christ

A) Remember, there was a time when each one here was without Christ

B) Important for us to remember…appreciate God’s grace

2. The Bible explains this life to us

A) Rom 1:21

1) They knew who God was

2) They would not worship Him as God

3) Think up foolish ideas about Him

4) Your minds were dark and confused

B) Eph 2:11,12

1) Strangers of the promises

2) Have no hope

3) Without God in the world

C) Titus 3:3

1) Paul serves as our example to keep in mind what life was like without Christ

2) We too were once foolish and disobedient

3) We misled others

4) We were slaves to our wicked desires

3. Catch the simplicity of life

A) You either have Christ or you don’t have Christ

1) It is not enough to know Him

2) It is vital to accept Him

B) If you do not have Christ

1) You are in darkness

2) You are confused to reality

A. Reality of blessings upon the earth

B. Reality of eternal life in heaven

B. Now…You are light in the Lord

1. Something had to have happened here

A) You were in darkness…now you are light

B) Some sort of decision must have taken place

C) Decision to move from knowledge to acceptance

2. Jn 8:12

A) I am the light of the world

B) He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life

3. Jn 12:46

A) I am the light of the world

B) Whoever believes in me shall not walk in darkness

4. Follow the transition (Eph 2:1-5)

A) Once you were doomed because of your sin

1) You lived like the rest of the world

2) You obeyed Satan rather than God

A. I would never do that

B. Reality…when you reject God…you choose Satan

C. I would not reject God…to not decide is to reject

B) God is rich in mercy and He loves us so much

1) While we were doomed

2) He gave us life when He raised Christ from the dead

5. What is this saying?

A) Enemy of God…friend of God

B) Lost…found

C) Blind…see

D) Awaiting punishment…forgiven all your trespasses

E) Were in darkness…now you are in the light

6. Notice the simplicity

A) If you don’t have Christ…darkness

B) If you have Christ…light

C. Walk as Children of light

1. As Children of light

A) Your actions should reflect your faith

B) You should live above reproach

C) Your life should reflect God’s goodness to others

D) You should live your faith

2. How can I live my faith?

A) 5:1,2

1) We should imitate Christ

2) We should imitate his love for others

A. Christ died unselfishly for all mankind

B. As imitators…we should love and unselfishly do for others

1. Hard…you don’t know who I’m dealing with

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