Summary: The church that made God sick.

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Revelation 3:14

I want to preach a message this morning on the sin of LUKEWARMNESS. Lets look at God’s word together from chapter 3 verse 14 and begin reading. There is a sin figuratively speaking that nauseates God. There is a sin that Christians may commit that makes God want to regurgitate. This passage of spew you out literally means vomit thee out. There is a sin that Christians may commit that makes God sick on His stomach. It is the sin of lukewarmness.

First of all three things I want us to see in this passage to help us better understand the ugliness of this sin of lukewarmness.

Notice how Jesus introduced Himself to this church. He is the confirming Christ. He is the Amen. Did you know that Amen is one of the names of Jesus? Amen means so let it be. Jesus is the confirming proof that that God will keep all His promises. God will dot every I and cross every t of His promises.

He introduces Himself as the convicting Christ. He is not only the confirming Christ but also the convicting Christ. He will either testify for us or He will testify against us. He is the convicting Christ who convicts us of our sins.

He also introduces Himself as the controlling Christ. He is the beginning of the creation of God the Bible tells us. Never think for one moment that God created Jesus. There was never a time when Jesus wasn’t. It means that all things have their beginning in Him. Not a piece of dust will move in your house unless it has His permission. Not a blade of grass will grow unless it has His permission. That tells me He is the controlling Christ.

So listen to what we have learned so far. Jesus is the confirming Christ. He confirms to this church and our church that every thing God says will happen. He is the convicting Christ. He convicts us of our sins and the need of a Savior. He is the controlling Christ. Nothing moves or stays still unless it has His permission. You and I will not get our next breath unless permitted by Jesus. He is the controlling Christ. That is important for us to know because He is the one who will be speaking to each of us through His Word.

I want you to notice three things about this sin of lukewarmness with me. The curse of it, the cause of it and the cure for it. All three of these points are mentioned in our text.

Now what is the curse of lukewarmness? What do we mean by lukewarmness? Lukewarmness means that something is to cold to be hot and to hot to be cold. It speaks of indifference. Now I know you have read this passage many times and think God has something bad in store for the lost. You are right but God is not speaking necessarily to the lost in our text. He is not talking to the out and out sinner. God one day will show His anger to the man or woman who shakes their puny fist toward heaven. But this is not what we read in this text.

He is not talking about the going, growing and glowing Christian here. He is talking to that Christian who is a child of God. He is talking to that one who is a good God and a good devil. To someone who is halfhearted, self satisfied, fence straddling Christian. Jesus says that kind of Christian makes me sick. You say boy I am glad He isn’t talking to me. Well lets just take a little check and see.

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