Summary: The sin offering atoned for sins committed unknowingly where restitution was impossible. This was a required sacrifice, as was the guilt offering. Unintentional sins of commission and unintentional sins of omission are discussed.

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Offering: Living & Giving for the Glory of God

Study of Leviticus

The Sin Offering

Leviticus 4:1-5:13

First Family Church

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Transcript of Message by Todd Stiles

January 30, 2011

Take your Bible and locate Leviticus chapter four. Let’s continue in our worship by delving deeper into this thing that Marty mentioned. He called it the sin offering. He brought that to your attention.

I’ll give you a great story on kind of what it was about in the Old Testament. We are go-ing to see more detail this morning and we are going to be led to an awesome place of worship as we have been already as we understand Leviticus chapter four.

And I just want to say that if you are new here today or if it is your first time or second time, yes, we are in Leviticus. That is the third book of the Old Testament.

You may say, “Todd, I have never heard anybody preach from that book.”

Well, we are not just preaching from it for one week. We have been in it since the begin-ning of the year and we will be in it through Easter and, actually, our church is pretty pumped about it. We have got lost of good questions from you guys and so I want to let you know one thing in regards to your questions. We have put together an extra extra point podcast. Now if you are not sure what the extra point podcast is, it is a podcast that Chris and I record and it brings extra insight into the coming week’s message. It is re-leased on Monday and it is about the sermon that is coming up or the text that is coming up that week. We call it the extra point especially fitting during football season. Hint, hint.

However, with all the questions that came about we went ahead and made an extra extra point podcast. It will be released tomorrow, a good five or six questions are on there. Check it out. I am not going to answer them this morning obviously you probably wouldn’t go and listen, but I want you to just go check it out. And there is just some great questions. Most of them are logistical questions, by the way.

We read Leviticus and we are like, “How in the world did this really happen? That many people, that many animals, that much blood, that much fire. I mean, come on, Todd, real-ly?”

Well, we talk about that on the extra extra point podcast. Check it out. I think the ques-tions are tremendous and I love the fact that you guys have questions. Keep them coming. Email them to... somebody will answer one day at First Family Ministries dot com. That was a joke there, people. Man, you are slow. You are not even listen. My goodness.

Also just an extra resource to bring your way. Francine Rivers is an author and she writes a number of books. Some of them have some real Old Testament setting to them. They have an Old Testament setting to them. My wife has read one by her. This was recom-mended by Marny Bustle. It is called The Priest. She does a really good job. It is not biblical or theological from that sense, but it is accurate in understanding the Bible. And she lays out what may be a really good understanding of the setting of Leviticus. What it might have been like to have a family in that time and the culture and the hardship of go-ing through all the offerings and as a writer she writes novels. She helps us kind of get a little more color.

I would encourage you if you want to pick up a good book to read, Francine Rivers has a number of books about Old Testament time periods that I think will help you in under-standing more and even about what it might have been like in that time period, just a couple of extra things as we dig in this morning, Leviticus four. Thank you for being so interested in God’s Word.

Your Bibles are open, right? Leviticus chapter four. We are going to see this morning two main things. We are going to see a number of contrasts. And I want to warn you and give you a head’s up that this will be the more mechanical instructional part of the message, but please hang with me because we are going to move from understanding the contrast that really are focused in Leviticus four and five and then we will see the connections we have to them. And God will teach us much and he will move us and change us. So just hang with me. There is some mechanical aspects to this, but I think it is important that you learn the Word of god and we are going to begin that by talking, first of all, about some contrasts that are seen as chapter four opens up.

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