Summary: We all mess up inwardly and outwardly but we must keep in mind that our God provides.

I. Introduction

Today you will be hearing about a man named David. David was a shepherd, victorious fighter, great warrior, an awesome writer and player of music, and he was a man after Gods own heart. All these things the bible tells us about David but tonight we are going to look at a different aspect of David. We will examine David as the man forgiven of sin.

II. David sinned inwardly

A. David was idle

1. He was supposed to be at war

2. He was supposed to be asleep in bed

B. David sinned inwardly

1. He lusted for Bathsheba

2. He coveted another mans wife

C. He planned his sin

1. He sent people to find out about her

2. He sent someone to get her

III. David sinned outwardly

A. He commited adultury

B. He tried to hide his sins

C. He killed Uriah

IV. Consequences of sin

A. Death is the result of sin

1. Davids sone had to die

B. There is trouble in your home

1. Davids son would commit sexual sin

C. Enemies of the Lord show utter contempt

V. David forgiven of sin

A. David realizes he has sinned

B. He proffesses his sin

C. He was forgiven of sin


In this sermon we can realize many things about sin, effects of sin, and the forgiveness of sin. We first see that sin always starts inside of us. It was this way with the first recorded sin which was the fall of Lucifer from heaven. He said in his heart that he would exalt his throne. Mans’ sin also starts inwardly. David was sinning by being idle. This produced sin. The battle his nation was in was spiritual as any other battle that Israel was ever in. He did not go to this battle; but remained idle in the comfart of his palace. we to do this. we are to be fighting a spiritual battle but we sometimes set idle on God in the comfortable places of life. He was idle by staying awake when he was supposed to be asleep. This is physical idleness. As christians we need to occupy until our saviour returns both physically and spiritually. The sin that idless lead to was the sin of lust of the flesh and covetuousness. This is not the only sin that idleness leads to but it will always lead to sin. David also sinned while being idle by plotting his sin and finding out about Bathsheba.

David also sinned outwardly. The sins he committed were adultury, hiding sins, and murduring Uriah. These sins were the carrying out of the inward sins of his heart. Both are considered sin and there is a penalty for both.

The consequences of sin are always fatal. In other words death is a result of sin. This law was set by Gods own authority. It started when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the guarden. They had kids named Cain and Able. Both gave sacrifices to the Lord and the only sacrifice accepted was that of Able and it was a blood sacrifice. Blood had yto be shed. Just as it was in Cain and Ables day it was in Davids. The punishment for his sin was that his son would die. Innocent blood was shed. The law of blood having to be shed is still in place today. We sin and have to have a sacrifice of innocent blood. For us this innocent blood is the blood of Jesus. We sin and we are forgiven by the Blood of a perfect man. Therefore our way to be forgiven is made. There are other consequences to sin other than innocent blood being shed. other results of sin is a troubled home life. As punishment Davids son would commit sexual sin with his own family and it would be known. Yet another result of sin is that the enemies of the Lord will show utter contempt. This means that people would make a mockery of Davids God and his committment. This happens with us. When we sin we must know that the enemies of the Lord will have a field day pointing it out and saying that our God is not what we say He is.

After all this David was forgiven of his sins. He did this by realizing he sinned, proffessing sin, and accepting the fact he’d been forgiven. This is the same way we must be forgiven. We must realize that we are all sinners and fall short of what we need to be. We need to profess this to our saviour and ask forgiveness. We last need to acceptthe fact that we are forgive. This is an essential step to having peace and assurance of our salvation through Jesus.

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