Summary: An exposition on the laws under which mankind lives and the laws under which mankind is intended to live.

The Six Laws of Life

Gal 3:1-5


There is a great battle involving Christians today. It stems from serious misunderstanding of the deeper

things of the Spiritual life and the salvation we enjoy in Christ. These misunderstandings are taught with the force of

truth, but are in fact, falsehoods. The falsehoods are not new; they were the subject of much of the New Testament.

They are the result of Satan and evil, and have divided churches throughout the ages. The product: the question, "so

how do I know what the truth really is?" It has created a religious environment of confusion, hopelessness, apathy,

and loss of real spiritual power. People are looking for that victorious life in Christ, but it seems ever elusive because

of the falsehoods being taught in the church. Maybe you are looking for more victory in your life. Maybe you have

faced others who have believed such falsehoods, and have not known how to help them. Maybe you have fallen to

their subtle teaching. The Word of God is infallible, inerrant, and complete. We can and ought to look to the Lord’s

Word to gain the insight we need to face this. His Word has spoke about this battle. In fact, He devoted an entire

book (Galatians) and two full chapters of another (Romans 7, 8) to address this issue. He gives us the truth, and the

response we need. He also gives us the power to be who He wants us to be which is what most of us want to be.

I believe this particular issue is so vital, we find that the very means by which mankind is saved is often

distorted, wrong, or even avoided. It is because this issue is not addressed in contemporary churches that the church

as a whole in America is so tremendously ineffective at evangelism. The lies being taught in the churches have

rendered Christ’s army to be vulnerable, weak, and in some places, useless. Christ will be the victor, but we are not

particularly part of that victory.

I. LAW OF MOSES - ROM 3:19, 20

a. Shows God’s perfect standards

1. of religion

2. of morality

3. For society

b. Convicts us of our sin - no man has lived perfectly by the Law.

c. Creates within us a sense of inescapable guilt, and impending doom.


a. Those who hold the Law of Moses strictly are condemned.

b. Jesus, God’s righteousness, saw it as a principle to be taken further than the letter.

III. LAW OF FAITH - ROM 3:27, 28

a. Our means of Justification from the Law of Moses

b. Our only hope of a clear conscience, righteousness, and good deeds.

IV. LAW OF SIN (FLESH) - ROM 7:21, 23, 25

a. Continual battle for the Believer

b. Fights against the mind (v. 23)

c. There is hope for the believer, none for the unbeliever.

V. LAW OF MIND - ROM 7:16, 23

a. The will to do the Law of Moses

b. The battleground of spiritual warfare


a. Empowers members to do good (Law of Moses)

b. Relieves conscience from penalty of Law of Moses

c. Works in us the righteousness the Law of Moses requires for God’s acceptance. (We are "Free to obey")

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