Summary: Second in a series on the 7 churches in Revelation.

The Smyrna Attitude: An Attitude of Faithfulness

Revelation 2:8-11

I. The Encouragement of His Identification

“…the First and the Last, who was dead and came to life…” – v. 8

A. Christ is identified as the “First and the Last”

When we go through times of tribulation we need to know:

1. We have a Lord that is eternally in charge

2. We have a Lord that has planned the affairs of our life

3. We have a Lord that works those affairs to our good

B. Christ is identified as “..who was dead and came to life.”

1. He had experienced death – we will all experience death

2. He had experienced resurrection to life

3. He conquered death to give us hope beyond death

II. The Encouragement of His Knowledge

“I know thy works, tribulation and poverty…” – v. 9

A. Our Lord has a intimate understanding of His own

B. He knows the tribulation suffered

1. He knows every heartache, pain, tear & burden (Hebrews 4:15)

2. He knows a we are at our best and richest in suffering

a. When the church was persecuted it spread the greatest

b. When the church was comfortable, God’s work suffered

C. He knows our poverty and our riches

1. Though they were poor, they were spiritually wealthy

2. Though they had little means, they had heavenly treasures

D. He knows the source of our trouble

1. The reproach of the world – “..I know the blasphemy..”

2. The reproach of the religious – “…who say they are Jews…”

3. The reproach of Satan – “..but are of the synagogue of Satan..”

III. The Encouragement of His Counsel

“Do not fear… Be faithful…He who has an ear let him hear…” v. 9-11

A. He counsels us to put away fear

1. The suffering in this world

2. The devil

3. The tribulation to come

B. He counsels us to stay faithful

1. Faithful to our Lord

2. Faithful to our calling

3. Faithful to His church

C. He counsels us to listen

1. Listen as the Spirit leads

2. Listen as Spirit calls us

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