Summary: The nature of life flows in two directions either toward God or away from God

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The Song of Life

Psalm 1

July 27, 1997

Evening Service


I. People with No Character: Known liars, people who can not be trusted, character is needed to be a fine servant of God, without character there is no evidence of christian faith

II. The Path of Character: quote from Horace Greeley

III. Christians find the source for Life in God: true life comes from God, we must exhibit true character, God will guide us in the way of righteousness


I. The Path of the Faithful

A. Blessed is the One:

1. The source of Blessing: Blessing comes from fellowship with God, the word litterally means happy, thus the source of true blessing is with God,

2. Result of Right Relationship: right relationship brings blessing, this is a spiritual blessing, Hard times will come but God is still with us,

B. Separation from what is Wicked:

1. Cause for Separation: One can not be involved in things contrary to God, causes strain and problems in the relationship, all aspects of life: walk, stand or sit

2. What is Wicked?: strong opposite from the concept of righteous, wicked are doomed without God, wicked are living a life that is filled with sin, there must be no participation in those types of activities,

C. Association with God:

1. Faithful are Associated with God: The source for relationship, without association there is no relationship, this is a must,

2. Blessing comes through Association: God blesses those who are His people, God’s people find strength in the Word, meditate is a form of application and memorization, know the truth

II. Two Possible Paths

A. The Faithful will Prosper

1. Another fact of God’s Blessing: God will make His people great, God will allow His people great reward, our reward is not in riches but in grace

2. Not always in physical Form: God has and does bless in physical ways, but not always, there are good servants who suffer and have nothing

3. The significance of the Tree: Tree - Symbol of Life and death, the person who is faithful prospers, tree by water, grows strong and well fed, source of life for the faithful

B. The sinner will not Prosper:

1. The symbolism of Chaff: no type of support, scattered and separated, useless and worthless, lifeless and dead,

2. The life of the Sinner: aimless and cursed, no true life, no true fruit, end result will be a life with no blessing from God

C. Final Result

1. Sinners will be blown away: Totally destroyed, no life left, fullest point of being cursed

2. Faithful will have fullness of life: fullness of God’s blessings, life that is abundant here and eternal in heaven

III. Path of God

A. God is with the Faithful

1. A promise: Those who life for God will have His presence, Joshua - I will never leave you or forsake you, God is faithful to his people

2. Final and highest part of Blessing: God watches over His people, God takes care of His own, faithful will have life beyond measure, here and in heaven

B. God will allow the wicked to perish

1. God must be just: God has set in motion Law for the people, those who do not follow the way of God will perish,

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