"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: God is revealing his truth to our hearts on a daily basis

Song of the Revealer

Psalm 99

September 28, 1997

Evening Service


I. The Concept of Revealing: Camp Mohican - 3 days away from home, learning about nature, night hike - new sights, sounds and smells, it was very eye opening, an incredible experience - exposure to a whole new world,

II. God is in the Process of Revealing: God reveals Himself and His plan to His people, we see the new hope and prosperity in God, God went to His people when they called and revealed His message, God opens the eyes, the mind and the heart, God is in the business of exposing people to a whole new world,


I. Basic Background

A. Authorship: The author is unknown, speculation seems to point out the basis of same author for several - Psalm 93-100

B. Literature: Psalm of Enthronement: Celebration of Yahweh’s kingship and rule over the world and Israel, affirms God’s rule over the earth, states that God saves His people and judges the wicked

II. Exalt the LORD

A. Divine Kingship: Yahweh is on the throne - He reigns, He is over the whole world, He is all powerful: nations tremble and shake, surounded by cherubim - Place of honor and glory, God is dwelling in heaven and with His people, Cherubim in heaven and on the ark

B. Divine Revealer: Reveals His presence - where God is in this universe: over all of Israel, footstool is the ark, Reveals His character - He is Holy: nature is sacred, set apart from everything, righteous and just - done rigth to Jacob, worthy of praise

III. Revelation of the LORD

A. Servants of the Past: The writer remembers the great saints, Moses - giver of the Law: most important figure in Israel, Aaron - 1st high priest of the nation, Samuel - Three roles: priest, prophet and the final of the Judges,

B. The tie that binds: All of these people called on God for help and He came to them, they worked on God’s behalf

C. God worked miracles: Pillar of cloud to lead, parted the water, plagued egypt, gave Hannah a child, called Samuel to special service

IV. Exalt the LORD

A. God has been good: God answered the leaders and the people, He showed them mercy and power, God has judged the rebels and blessed the reighteous, a generation was destroyed,

B. God is great: God has demonstrated His power, holiness and justice for the people, He was forgiving of the people and merciful to those who called upon Him, God must be lifted high and praised


I. Exalt the LORD

A. God is King: He is still on the throne - universe is under His control, He is powerful, world will shake in His presence, God dwells with His people - Heaven is His Kingdom but He is here too, Jesus is the supreme link, God comes to His people to provide and protect

B. God is the Revealer: God is present - Now and Forever, He reveals the scope of the universe to His people, God has consistant character - He is the same yesterday today and forever, He is just, merciful and loving

II. Revelation of the LORD

A. Where have we come from? We all have come from various backgrounds, God has used us in different ways, unity in the midst of diversity

B. We must be willing to call: In the dark times God is there, we need to tap the power, tap the grace, work in that power and call on God, he will see us through

C. God will work miracles: God uses the power of prayer, God cames to those who call, He works miracles and will give what we will ask of Him

III. Exalt the LORD

A. God has been faithful: God has been with us and will be with us, He has been faithful and will be faithful, He will supply the needs that we have, God will work a mighty deed in this place

B. God is great: God has a might and power beyond our comprehension, He wil work out His power here

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