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Summary: God is the mighty king of all creation

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Song of the Sovereign King

Psalm 33

August 31, 1997

Evening Service


I. The role of a king: The king is the appointed leader over a country, it is a birthright and privilege, life of training and preparation, Even in our modern world there are still many kings,

II. The nature of a kingdom: The place where the king rules, the king provides and protects his people and his kingdom, King is the defender and ruler over his people


I. Basic Background

A. Cyclical Pattern: This psalm moves from past, present and future, all of these aspects are seen in the flow of the psalm, this is giving reason for each and every generation to give praise and honor to God for His divine rule and grace

B. Situation: The author of this psalm is unknown and the situation of writing is unclear, this was used in corporate worship during the autumn festival or the covenant renewal festival at the new year

II. Anthem of Praise

A. Singing praise to God: Joyful heart, sincere spirit and a genuine love for God, praise comes most clearly through song, praise is one of the most essential aspects of worship, praise brings the presence of heaven down to earth,

B. New experiences are reason for praise: God gives us new experiences in life, He is the reason that we live and that we have an abundance of life, every new experience that we have build our tapestry of life, these are gifts from God

III. Perfection of God

A. The nature of God: The very nature of God is reason for praise, God is fully perfect and other than humanity, The whole nature of God is perfect, only God is perfect and He sets the standard for the whole universe, God is faithful to all of His people

B. God is perfect in love: God loves His people fully and completely, there are no bounds or limits to His love, another reason for praise, our love comes as a presence of God’s love

IV. God is creator and Ruler

A. God is the creator of the universe: God is above and beyond creation, He has made everything and He is the source of all existence, God is not an absent creator, He is present with us at all times

B. God is the ruler: God is the creator and the ruler of all creation, God sits on the throne of heaven and He is the great King, His creative act was the establishment of His kingdom, He rules with mercy and love for His kingdom

V. God is the ruler over humanity

A. God’s people are the inheritance of the world: God works His will through His people, God will change the world through the people, God called the people of Israel out of the nations to be a special and sacred people

B. God sees the activity of the earth: God monitors all of the activity of the earth, He watches over His people and guides them through life, God is an active and watchful ruler, God does not leave His people to their own devices, He is their support and defense

VI. God’s love for His people

A. The dependence on God: Israel was dependent on God, He came and gave support and provision in times of need, He was the good and wise King, they went to Him for their needs and He provided for them

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