Summary: God is always there for us but there are times when we need to wait on Him

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Song of Waiting

Psalm 13

August 3, 1997

Evening Service

Songs of Promise #2


I. Iowa State Football: College Bookstore - signs “Whip Washington” , “Kill Kansas” , Nebraska was #1, Sign read “Maintain Dignity against Nebraska”,

Iowa lost 72 - 29

II. Attitude Counts a Great Deal in Difficult Situations: Holding out for the lost cause, hold the ground against the odds, stand for what you believe in, hold out hope when the world is hopeless,

III. God does not have a Lost Cause: God is the champion of His people, God is the almighty, He will care for His own, God hears us in distress, God is our hope is the hopeless situation


I. The Despair

A. God seems to be the source of trouble: God has forgotten, God unfaithful, God has separated Himself, Psalmist is all alone

B. God is far removed: God is distant and far away, God is gone, there is no real source of help and no real source of comfort

C. Enemies are all around: The enemies have come in for the kill, really are adversities rather than enemies, seem to be overwhelming, Waves of problems come crashing in, feeling of hopelessness and despair,

D. Feelings of despair: God has left, no hope, no chance to get out of the situation, God is no longer on their side

II. The Prayer

A. Three Key Words: All are imperatives that declare a need for action, Look, answer and give light, The writer is deeply pleading with God to return with power,

B. Look: seeing the pain and need, God’s presence and grace, acts of power and love, an intimate knowledge of the person by God

C. Answer: Hearing the requests, knowing the need, returning a positive message of favor

D. Light: Symbol of God’s guidance and direction, symbol of God’s faithfulness and ability for provision, symbolic of God’s rich and powerful blessings

E. Final point of Exhaustion: Psalmist is at an end, all human resources are gone, nothing is left, ready to die

III. The Hope and Trust

A. Expression of Trust: claim of the covenant - Unfailing Love, hesed - covenant love, God has given a strong promise to show favor to those who are faithful, God will be with His people

B. The ability to have Joy: Life is filled with pain and heartache, God gives relief from life’s burdens in His presence, Joy is not from this world but rather it is from God, The writer rejoices in God and the promise to save

C. Song of waiting: The ability to sing, ability to show praise, strength from a higher source, something deeper than the pain and suffering, praise of God is from the heart and the soul, can not be faked, this is real praise

D. Statement of Faith: God has been good, remember the past acts, focus on the here and now, God has been good and will be good in the future, not living in the past but hoping for the future


I. The Despair

A. God seems to be the source of trouble: God seems to have forgotten you in your troubles, God is nowhere to be found, We feel all alone

B. God is far removed: God feels distant and far away, God seems gone, All seems to be lost

C. Enemies are all around: adversities are around every corner and waiting to strike, life is overwhelming, problems come crashing in, feeling of hopelessness creeps into your life

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