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Summary: Gideon and his 300 men won a great battle against the Midianite army, but it came because of the sound of faith. Regardless of the battle(s) we may be facing, when we exercise faith, God will respond.

Sounds in the Camp Series: The Sound of Faith

Judges 7

“Jerub – Baal” = Let Baal contend – given to him by his father when he destroyed the altar of Baal. “Gideon” = Hewer or one who cuts down

n Gideon had shown himself to be zealous for the things of Jehovah. Gideon had shown himself to be a man of faith.

n Gideon was given the task and responsibility of developing that faith in the men entrusted to him.

1. Before you hear the sound of faith, the heart and spirit of faith must be revealed.

a. Gideon was willing to reduce the army even though that didn’t make good sense.

b. We often try to cry out in faith when there isn’t any faith in our hearts.

c. Matthew 12:34-35 tells us that what is in the heart is what will come out of the mouth.

d. Gideon was able to be a man of faith in public because he had won battles of faith in private.

e. Many people want to be a great man or woman of faith without being willing to win the private battles of faith in their own lives.

2. Before you hear the sound of faith, fear must be removed.

a. During World War II, a military governor met with General George Patton in Sicily. When he praised Patton highly for his courage and bravery, the general replied, "Sir, I am not a brave man. . . The truth is, I am an utter craven coward. I have never been within the sound of gunshot or in sight of battle in my whole life that I wasn’t so scared that I had sweat in the palms of my hands." Years later, when Patton’s autobiography was published, it contained this significant statement by the general: "I learned very early in my life never to take counsel of my fears."

b. The Midianites were feared because they had already made the Israelites their slaves. Raiding parties would come and take their food and whatever else they liked from the people. It had been this way for seven years.

c. 22,000 men left the army because they were afraid.

i. I am sure that all of the 32,000 were afraid. The other 10,000 who stayed were willing to confront their fears.

d. Fear is the antithesis of faith.

e. Fear and unbelief will always go hand in hand. When there is fear that is the only thing we believe in at the time.

f. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” is a very true statement.

3. Before you hear the sound of faith, you must be in a posture of readiness.

a. Only 300 of the men were in a posture of readiness where they could respond quickly.

b. The Lord chose those men who knelt beside the water and brought the water to their lips to drink. Some commentators have suggested this kneeling demonstrated alertness to danger, vital for a soldier in combat. If a surprise attack came the lappers would not have time to get up but kneelers would.

c. How many battles have been lost because we weren’t ready for the fight when it came to us?

d. Jesus lived and operated in a posture of faith. He was always ready.

e. The Royal Ranger motto is “READY” and that is how we must learn to live.

f. In the current state of things socially and economically, we can’t afford to be trying to get ourselves ready. The posture of faith is where we must be at all times, understanding that God has been preparing us the whole way.

4. Before you hear the sound of faith, you must realize what the enemy is really saying.

a. Gideon was able to hear the truth from the enemy, because the enemy didn’t know he was listening.

b. The enemy loves to feed lies and to keep us from exercising faith.

c. When the enemy knows we are listening, he is going to be speaking lies and trying to dissuade or discourage us.

d. We need to have our ears open to hear the truth.

5. The exercise of the sound of faith requires a plan of action.

a. Gideon put the people in a place where they could succeed.

b. Gideon didn’t second guess what he knew in his heart.

c. The sound of faith requires somebody to lead. Otherwise, you end up with the sound of disorder and confusion.

d. Gideon had learned faith in his own life and was able to help lead the other men to that same place.

e. The latest polls didn’t give Gideon and his army much of a chance. But, the men didn’t concern themselves with poll numbers or conventional wisdom. They listened to God and followed His plan.

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