Summary: This is the fourth message in my prophecy series, it’s a countined look into the tribulation hour and the events that take place.

Title: The Sound Of Trumpets

Text: Rev 8:6-9:21


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- Review from the last few weeks to what we talked about.

1. First we talked about the rapture of the church, when Jesus returns to take to heaven all who have believed in Him since His life and death on earth.

- We talked about how close we are to the church being raptured, and I gave 5 points that show us how close we really are.

- One point was Deception would be wide spread, I gave this shocking information:

More than a third of Church of Scotland ministers do not believe in the virgin birth of Christ, a central tenet of Christian faith.

A Sunday Times survey of kirk ministers found that 37% believe the traditional story of Jesus’s birth, which forms part of the nativity, should not be taken literally.

2. Second we talked about the Judgement Seat Of Christ, and how we will be judged for our service done on earth whether good or bad.

3. Third we talked about the revival of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Anti-Christ and part of the 7 year tribulation.

- I talked about how close we are to the tribulation hour and how Christ could come at any moment.

- And now we pick up where we left off a few weeks ago, and talk about the tribulation hour and just how close we are to certain events happening.

- We are going to look at the battle of Armageddon, an even that will take place near the end of the 7 year tribulation.

- But as I said before, events in our world need to lead up to this big battle that is going to take place in the world.

- The question is, are we seeing it in the news, or hearing about it at all?

- The answer is yes I do, but I will explain that latter on tonight.

- Lets continue to pick up where we left off from 2 weeks ago.

- We talked about the Anti-Christ and the first 6 sealed judgments, what next?

- Well there was the appearing of the Anti-Christ first, war next, then famine, death, martyrdom and then fear upon all men.

- Followed by the 7th seal which introduces the 7 trumpets of Rev 8:7-11:19.

- Now I don’t know when these judgements will come upon the earth. I don’t know what sequence they will appear.

- I believe it will appear exactly how the Bible says it will appear, in this order recorded in Revelation.

- The Judgements that will come upon the earth will happen all throughout the Tribulation hour. The full 7 years.

The 7 Trumpet Judgements:

- The seventh seal inaugurates the seven trumpet judgements, which judgements are reminders of the ten plagues on Egypt.

- The first 4 affect the natural world; the last 3 affect the unredeemed people of the earth.

- Everyone except the 144,000 people of the remnant of Israel are subject to the plagues of the trumpet judgements.

- The horror announced by the first six trumpets is beyond comprehension, but the seventh trumpet announces the glory of the kingdom of Christ which is to come.

Trumpet 1: 1/3 Of Earth’s Vegetation Destroyed (Rev 8:7)

- Is this possible?

- Yes, according to Life Pictorial Atlas, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America incorporate a total of 56,889,581 square miles.

- Dividing this figure by three, one arrives at the sum of 18,963,194 square miles, the amount of land area that will burn during the Tribulation period according to Revelation 8:7.

- Comparing this figure with the combined land areas of the nations predicted to align themselves for the Middle East confrontation (Eze 38-39), one discovers that the two sums are identical, one third of the globe to the exact mile, believe it or not.

- Let’s go one step further, the atlas also lists the population figures of the nations of the earth.

- The same alignment of pro and anti Russian nations for the war of wars totals one third of earth’s inhabitants.

- Rev 8:7 and 9:18 could be factual events, fulfilling very soon.

Trumpet 2: 1/3 Of Sea Turning To Blood (Rev 8:8)

- This judgement could be a giant meteor falling into the sea.

- The phrase said it was like a mountain.

- A similar event took place in Ex 7:19-21 when Moses and Aaron took there rod and dipped it into the water ways of Egypt.

- The waters turned to blood and the fish all died.

- The second trumpet blast is so bad that one third of the creatures in the sea die.

Trumpet 3: 1/3 Of Rivers Become Contaminated (Rev 8:10-11)

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