Summary: Unless believers get this, no one will never experience God and He will continue to withdraw Himself, and those who rebel against Him will only bring calamity on them.

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The Spirit of Stupid

Luke 13:10-17

Prepared by Derrick Whitt, D.Min.

Founding Pastor

Spirit of Wisdom Fellowship, Syracuse, NY

New Life Testament Fellowship, Tulsa, OK

Copyright © 2005 for Derrick Whitt and New Life Ministries. All Scriptural quotations are from the New Living Translation.

Introduction: The term was coined by my youngest daughter, Chyan,

who was fed up with Kathleen and Christianna disrupting her from

watching her favorite TV Bible kids show; she stood up on the couch,

raised her hand and declared: "In the name of Jesus, I take

authority over the spirit of stupid on these two fools…"

I must say this: There is enough material to do mad teachings just

by living in the Whitt family and household. If you went to my

family home in Angola, New York and talked to my mom, she would tell

you that Derrick Lovelle would have met Jesus early by my Dad, Paul

Whitt Jr., for the stunt I had pulled off.

The Pork Chops are a lot different: Chyan and Benjamin are not Pops’

reasons for gray hairs; they are the quiet ones. It is Kathleen and

Christianna that I like to send to boarding school.

All jokes aside, I feel the same way as Chyan when it comes to

Christians with homiletical, pneumological, philosophical and

theological thought processes which are not on the border of genus

but under the spirit of stupid….like these birth defects, the

Pharisees; and these fools had the nerve to place restrictions on

receiving a blessing or miracle from Jesus.

I. Wisdom Key: You Cannot Have What You Speak Against

a. Mark 6:1-6: Unbelief had made it possible for the people in

Nazareth not to receive; only a few were healed.

b. Jehovah will never act in that atmosphere of the spirit of

stupid, when people challenge God’s abilities.

c. Religion holds people back; Jesus’ condemnation in Matthew 23

II. People have the spirit of stupid even in the wake of the

recent tragedy on the United States…

a. Pastors should not use Romans 8:28 as a sorry answer why

America is facing so much calamity

b. That text applies to true Christ-based believers, not church

folks, religious fool and carnal Christians.

c. We are seeing two things happening

i. Christ-based people: it is the year of overflow and fullness

ii. The Godless: Adverse Judgment and Condemnation: Man sins,

and it is catching up on America

iii. It is going to get worse between now and Armageddon, the

final war and execution of the wicked by Jesus Christ

1. He is no longer the Lamb of God, but the Lion

2. Great Tribulation: seven years of hell is moving forward and

it is very much unavoidable

III. More Wisdom Keys

a. When You Ignore God, You Schedule A Tragedy.

i. Proverbs 1:20-33

ii. Matthew 7:24-27

1. Conclusion: Each tragedy can be traced by ignored


b. You Can Complain About What You Permit

i. Over 360 places in the Bible we see the word "if": means

that you make a choice, whether you accept God’s counsel or reject it.

ii. Proverbs 19:3

c. How You Respond To God Is God’s Response To You

Conclusion: Don’t let this time close with your hand close. Delayed

obedience to Jehovah’s counsel is disobedience.

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