Summary: Describes the Spirit of the Antichrist and how it demonstrates itself today

The Spirit of the Antichrist

1 John 2:18-24

Primary Purpose: To identify the spirit that is antichrist.

What did the antichrist do?

1. vs.19 They went out from us. This shows that they weren’t really of us.

2. vs.22 Deny that Jesus is the Christ. To deny the Son also denies the


That the antichrist is coming is evidence it is the last hour. Antichrist can

mean “against” Christ and “instead of” Christ.

Because of this it is critical that we know what we believe and why we

believe it.

The identities of the Spirit of the Antichrist

1. Universalism- denies the uniqueness of Christ. This peson says it doesn’t

matter what you believe because either we will all simply stop existing or

more likely we will all go to heaven somehow. This person cannot accept the

fact that there is a hell or that some will be punished. This person sounds

open minded. They are likely to accuse Christians who claim the uniqueness

of Christ of being close minded or shallow

2. Relativism- denies the absolute truth of the Gospel. To this person the

Bible is simply another book with no authority. This person is likely to not

believe that Jesus is fully God and man.

3. Materialism- the antichrist spirit replaces the search for God with a search

for material things. This person is trying to find peace and happiness in stuff

or other relationships.

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